Enpowering Patients With mHealth

Enpowering Patients With mHealth

Empowering Patients With mHealth

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Zum Heilen is a pioneer in technology enabled solution in the healthcare sector providing mobile healthcare solution.The mobile application offers patient access to their doctor at the comfort of their home, whereby providers and patients engage together to improve health.

The Need:

ZumHeilen required an IVR solution where the caller can dial in to know their required dosage
against their sugar levels and in case the sugar levels are abnormal, a call gets initiated
between the caller and his/her doctor.

This solution was aimed at providing a comfortable and clean health experience to patients without having an exposure to the dangers of a hospital visit, creating a concept where “less visits is more health”.

The Solution:

Knowlarity provided a virtual number to ZumHeilen with multiple IVR solution as per the requirement. Each IVR option was set on the basis of different sugar levels of different patients. Every patient has a unique ID number. As the patient calls at the virtual number & inputs his /her sugar levels, the IVR provides right information of the dosage for the particular patient, which is calculated at the backend on the basis of his/her previous data. In cases where sugar value seemed to be critical, the patient is suggested to take advice from their doctor. This ensure easy and timely check on the patient’s sugar level, hence saving him/her from the last minute happenings.

Success factor:

Smart IVR can process millions of calls even at peak hours with call log details for future reference. Benefits of Smart IVR solutions is as follow:

– Cutsomize call flow as per the requirement
– Be available 24/7
– Provide better patient experience
– Integrate with any CRM or ERP

Smart IVR solution is helping ZumHeilen provide services to patients in remote areas as well. In future ZumHeilen plans to directly connect the calls between patient & the doctor for better and improvised patient experience.

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Raisa Nair
Raisa Nair
Raisa Nair handles Public Relations & Marketing for South at Knowlarity.

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