Enjoy quick, uninterrupted conversations with prospects


It’s not always that you can pick up the phone when customer calls. And there are times when even call routing fails as all of the agents may be busy. You must have to call back your customers as soon as possible.

We bring click-to-call facility with this. You go to Call Log page and click on the customer phone number. Two calls are originated – one to the customer and another to the agent. Both are patched. At the end of the calls, the recordings are uploaded on the SuperReceptionist panel.

How This Feature Works?

A quick guide on Click-to-Call

You can also use the facilty on your own website. With the following widget on the contact-us page on your website you can provide a text box. Customers can fill out their information in the text box and submit. The click-to-call system will call the customer first, and call the agent and patch both of the calls. All the logs of these calls are nicely secured in the SuperReceptionist call-log page.

You can get to know more about Click-to-Call and configure it from support

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