Multi-Level IVR

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We love simplicity and there is nothing better than the minimal things that get work done. However sometimes life needs more.

SuperReceptionist encourages single level IVR. It is clean and most of the time it is sufficient. Also for your customer who would call the phone number, there will not be too many keys to press. But what if there are requirement when the multiple levels are needed? It may be needed if you have multiple branches in the business. It may also be needed if you want your customer to select the language of his choice first. There are many times, you may need multi-level IVR

How This Feature Works?

A quick guide on Multi-Level IVR

We provide multi-level IVR as well. The configuraiton does not have the beauty of simple setup in regular SuperReceptionit but it works when you need it. To know more about it visit support.

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