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In business, one needs to holds his promises. Also the timeliness of the promise is as important as the promise itself.

Every time a customer calls you, it’s either an opportunity to serve the customer so well that he keeps coming back. If it is a prospect call, then it is an opportunity to convert him paying customers. However, in the real world this does not happen. The biggest problem is that information is not available to people in a timely manner.

If a call is missed, the agent needs to know immediately because if you were to call after 3 hours, the chance are that she has missed the opportunity of engaging with the caller. If an important call needs a followup, that follow-up has to happen on the date of the promise.

With real-time analytics, we have gone to the extreme. We provide call information as it happens. Whether it be missed-call notifications or the follow-up notification – all are needed and provided as they happen.

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