10 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Improve Lead Generation Process for your Business

10 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Improve Lead Generation Process for your Business

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SaaS marketing is more challenging than promoting a tangible product because you need to compel someone to integrate your software and include it in their daily activities.

It’s much easier to entice a person to buy a TV, for instance, than it is to get a software solution.

Don’t worry, here are some of the most effective, tried-and-tested SaaS marketing strategies that will help you improve B2B lead generation and increase conversions.

Offering Free Trials

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Free trials are crucial for your SaaS lead generation because your prospects will have a chance to really see how your software works. They’ll see what value it gives them, and how it can improve their lives.

Once they subscribe for a free trial, it will be significantly easier to compel them to purchase one of your paid plans. 

You just need to nurture them (start using a CRM, for instance) and introduce them to various benefits your service will provide.

Displaying Prices

There are many SaaS companies that don’t display their prices on their website. People need to contact them to find out how much they need to invest in their service. 

This is usually when companies offer customized plans, so the prices are different for each customer.

However, while this may attract qualified leads, it may not be as effective as to acquire a great number of leads. 

Clearly displaying the prices on a dedicated page will help people make an educated decision about whether or not they can actually afford your services.

Using Upselling Tactics

Upselling is a great strategy for generating both more leads and more revenue. For instance, you can offer discounts for all your long-term plans, and entice people to upgrade their subscription.

The key is to clearly display how much your customers would save on each plan if they choose, let’s say, an annual subscription. 

Also, you should highlight all the additional benefits of your annual plans, such as not paying for the first three months, for instance.

Offering Rewards for Referrals

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According to a recent B2B lead generation survey, more than 80% of B2B marketers say that referrals are their primary source of leads.

So, you should definitely try and get referrals from your customers. The key is to offer something that will compel them to recommend your services, something they’ll actually benefit from. 

The incentives could be anything related to your software, such as extra storage, for example.

Capturing Email Leads with Quizzes

If you create a quiz and share it on social media, you’ll quickly get a huge number of leads. Quizzes are fun, and people love sharing their results, so the word will spread quickly.

But why quizzes? Because you can capture lots of email leads with a lead capture form that you can nurture and convert later. Your quizzes don’t need to be strictly related to your software.

You could build a personality quiz and make the results relevant to your services.

When using online assessment software to create a quiz, be sure to attach a lead capture form so that your users must subscribe to your email list before they can get their quiz results. 

Of course, they can unsubscribe later, but use that little time to grab their attention and make them genuinely interested in your brand.

Getting Featured on Review Sites

This is very important for improving your online visibility and generating more qualified leads. People visit review sites whenever they’re looking to purchase something, especially intangible software products.

Getting your SaaS company featured on as many SaaS directories and review sites as you can help people learn more about you. 

They can compare you to your competitors, and make informed purchase decisions, so be sure that an excellent value proposition goes along with your feature.

Improving SEO

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SEO is crucial for improving the lead generation process and ensuring overall success. Optimizing your website for the search engines will drive more organic traffic to your site, as it will improve your online visibility and SEO ranking.

It will make your site pop up whenever someone searches for your business-related keywords.

Focus on both on-page and off-page SEO, making sure that you regularly test and analyze every marketing tactic to see if there’s more room for improvement or not.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

You can’t really generate many leads if your customer service isn’t very good, can you? Make sure you always provide exceptional customer support, because that is precisely what will make them want to use your services.

Emails, phone calls, live chat – everything should be personalized. Your live chat should be available 24/7 for all the questions your prospects and customers may have. 

Be sure your live chat and contact information are clearly visible so that people don’t need to jump through hoops to get in touch with you. 

Leveraging Content Marketing

Content marketing is also vital for generating more qualified leads, so make sure you regularly update your blog with fresh and original content.

Share your posts on social media, as you can extend your reach globally that way.

Don’t forget keyword optimization, so that you can attract the right kind of audience, and effectively convert every lead. 

Guest blogging is one of the brilliant tactics to drive more traffic and leads to your site, as you can tap into the audiences of other successful industry bloggers.

Running PPC Campaigns

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This is the only paid marketing strategy on this list, but it can bring you great benefits. It’s especially useful if you’re having trouble driving organic traffic to your site.

The most important thing when running PPC campaigns is to constantly A/B test your ads so that you can see which ad copies, CTAs, and images generate the most and the best leads.

As you can certainly see, improving your lead generation process isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. There are lots of things to do, but the benefits you’ll get definitely make every step worth your while. 

With these effective tips, you will take up your SaaS Product Marketing to the next level! 

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