How AAP used cloud telephony to create a place in history

May 19, 2021

The Aam Aadmi Party’s historic win in the Delhi elections this month is trending all over today’s media. Through well-orchestrated campaigns on the internet and outside, AAP reached out to the masses ahead of the polls on February 7. Because the target segment was the common man, AAP used a medium that could connect users across the digital divide – the phone.

Knowlarity was the platform AAP used to make this connect. We provided AAP with the tools to spread the word through a massive phone campaign, reaching out to more than 12 lakh voters in a matter of 2 months.

While phone calls are not commonly thought of as being viral, AAP’s campaign did exactly that by connecting voters with other voters, influencing them to support AAP. A toll-free number provided by Knowlarity was circulated through social media and elsewhere.

The campaign constituted 3 groups of people:

  1. The influencers – Who were strong advocates of AAP and its philosophy.
  2. The trackers – AAP workers who ensured the Influencers were genuine AAP supporters and not member of other parties trying to sabotage the campaign (as had happened before).
  3. The voters – Those who may or may not be in favor of AAP. These were the people the campaign hoped to influence.

How the campaign worked

Influencers called on the toll-free number to listen to the party’s manifesto, get the facts and to know how to participate in the campaign. The next time they called, they spoke to a tracker who verified that the influencer was not an imposter. Once the tracker gave his go-ahead through an IVR system, the influencer was free to call on the toll-free number to speak to a voter.

How did that happen? When an influencer called on the toll-free number, the system made another call to someone from its database of 12 lakh numbers. The two calls were patched and the influencer talked about why he/she believed in Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership.

The campaign took off and we found one influencer calling up to 750 voters. At its peak, more than 250 calls were made simultaneously on the toll-free number. This highly scalable system was built by Knowlarity’s internal team to AAP’s specification, using our platform, Knowlus.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s was an another testament to our belief that cloud communication is changing the world. The campaign was one of many examples of how this technology is making us more efficient and bridges the digital divide And we’re so pleased to have been a part of this revolution to connect people using both high touch and high tech.

To learn about our other grassroots campaigns during the election of 2014, watch this video. Knowlarity does not endorse any political party or have any political affiliation.

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