When Business is Booming, it May be Time to Take a Break

When your business is booming, it may be time to take a break

Here’s a hard, cold fact that many entrepreneurs prefer not to think about: There will come a time when the well-oiled business machine you’ve created, takes on a life of it’s own, no longer needing you at its helm every waking second. At this stage, trying to outrace or even keep pace with your organizational beast is a futile pursuit. This may seem unfair to you – after all, the fast-paced, rapidly growing enterprise that you founded, wouldn’t even exist with your blood, toil, sweat, and the 24-hour workdays that you willingly put in at the start of your operations.

We totally understand how you feel, and yet, we urge you not to fight it. In fact, we’re here to tell you that when your business is booming, it’s time for you to stop running. Instead, relax, take a deep breath, pack a bag, and head out for a very well deserved break. As you prepare for a mini weekend vacation (your first in three years), remember that your teams are in place and functioning smoothly, your processes and systems are up and running effectively, and thanks to some simple cloud telephony solutions that you opted for, your business will keep moving ahead, even in your brief absence. Here’s how!

Your sales leads will keep rolling in

When you set up your cloud-telephony based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, you simultaneously opted for a bunch of advantages that include:

  • Never missing a call from a customer or prospect, so you never miss any leads

  • Allowing prospects to access recordings of standard information such as product pricing and company timings, via the IVR menu of options

  • The convenience of voicemail that allows prospects to leave a number where you can reach them

In addition, if you’ve used a little widget on your website to enable a ‘click-to-call’ feature, your online prospects can fill in a form with their phone number and click a button to connect directly with your team.

Customer satisfaction is at an all time high, leading to more business

It’s no secret that customer loyalty is a direct result of customer satisfaction that results from great customer service. In fact, studies show that 66% of customers switch companies due to poor service. A large part of customer service is related to adopting streamlined processes for problem resolution. Your IVR system is a vital part of these processes as it allows customers to easily get in touch with you and your service team.

High availability of your cloud telephony systems

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs had to worry constantly about the consequences of a critical business system going down. Today, cloud telephony service providers have their own teams of engineers and support staff always on the ball, to ensure a high level of availability of their services. This means that there’s a very small chance of your customers failing to get through to you when they need to. Rest assured that your support line, sales line, and customer service line will stay open and reliable. Don’t fret; your business will stay switched on, even when you are switched off.

No maintenance

Remember when setting up a telephone communications system meant investing heavily in expensive EPABX and telecommunication infrastructure? Of course you don’t, because thankfully these days cloud telephony companies ensure that you only need to invest in their services. You don’t need any actual physical infrastructure on your premises. This also means that you don’t have to hire a maintenance team of telecommunications professionals to keep systems functioning optimally. The best part… you don’t have to be constantly onsite, to firefight issues related to infrastructural failure,since you don’t own any infrastructure in the first place. In other words, you are free to take a break without worrying about what might go wrong.

Connect with your team from afar

While we hope that you can forget business for a while and actually do some relaxing, we totally get it if you absolutely must be just a call away from your office. In fact, that’s what your cloud telephony voice conferencing service is for. Even if you’re holidaying remotely, you can simply connect all your team leads over one call and get a daily update of your business, no matter where you are.

Have we convinced you yet? We certainly hope we have. So, go ahead and take a break. Rejuvenate and get back to your business refreshed and ready to take on the world. You won’t regret it.

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