Call recordings made compulsory by SEBI to avoid unauthorized trading activities

November 20, 2017

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has recently imposed the compulsion on stock brokers to keep call records of clients who place orders via phone. To be imposed from 1st January 2018, the mandatory announcement has been made in order to prevent unauthorized trading activities.

The rule was proposed earlier in 2013 but it was turned down by the brokerage associations back then. The action has finally been implemented keeping in consideration myriad of complaints related to unauthorized trades from customers. Brokers will have to keep proof of records placed by clients so that in a case of a dispute, such recordings can be furnished in order to resolve it.

Thanks to the cloud telephony services like Knowlarity, such recordings can be effectively produced by stock brokers anytime, anywhere. This can help stock brokers to be in compliance with the SEBI notification easily with Knowlarity’s recording services. With the seamless CRM integration, one can easily and automatically add consumer data.

Knowlarity helps to waive off the concern of brokerage associations by providing its cloud telephony services at affordable prices. There would be no requirement of hardware setup and the cost associated with same. Hence, stock brokers can go on to fulfill SEBI’s mandate conveniently and affordably.

There are many features that make Knowlarity a perfect pick among the other cloud telephony service providers.

Helpful Features

It provides automated call recordings of all calls at one place which can easily be accessed over the cloud

There are different parameters based on which you can go about searching for a particular call. The call recordings can easily be stored in customized locations. The recordings can easily be kept or deleted based on the period of the time which can be configured.

With Knowlarity’s dedicated call center solutions, stock brokers can not only have the mandatory call recordings but can also go about managing them effectively. The number which is assigned for the purpose is not only activated instantly, but with the plug and play setup one can manage recorded calls easily.

Also, to monitor and draw business insights one can make productive use of the call center analytics dashboard. It can help to observe call performance and trends.

Save on the bandwidth with our unique call center solutions and boost your productivity by over 25%. Hear from our esteemed clientele in order to have a better review of the services that stock brokers need for the announcement.

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