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Do you find yourself shopping at one particular supermarket more often even though it’s not the closest from your house? Do you frequent one particular coffee shop even though there are lots of others that serve almost the same thing?

If the answer is ‘yes’ (as we’re betting it is), you’re the classic example of the present day urban customer who expects more than just a transaction. You’re looking for that little something extra. It could be a friendly smile or a 10% discount, but that something extra decides whether or not you’ll go back to them again.

Knowlarity knows how important customers are and the great lengths businesses go to to win them over. Our star product, the SuperReceptionist, gives thousands of companies an edge over others in the industry through an efficient cloud-based call management system (trust us, it’s a lot less complex than it sounds!). Simply put, we give our customers (small or medium-sized firms, or start-ups) the ability to be available for their customers round the clock through an intelligent phone number, call routing, smart IVR and voicemail.

But this isn’t about Knowlarity. And this isn’t about cloud telephony either. This is about customers. This is about people who understand what Walmart founder Sam Walton meant when he said:

There is only one boss — the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

We believe that there’s a story waiting to be told behind every successful venture; a story that we can draw a little inspiration from.

This is where you come when you’re looking for a little push to go that extra mile at work, or perhaps just to get the inside track on how you can do better on winning customers over or keeping them coming back.

Got a story about heroic customer service? Here’s where we’ll publish them — on the Know-How blog. Looking for the best stories from people intent on going that extra mile? Know-How will have it.

Photo Credit: Tim Hamilton

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