Cloud Telephony for Amusement Industry

cloud telephony for amusement park

Just like cloud telephony is one of the biggest industries in the technology world, the amusement park industry is one of the biggest industries in India. Everyone loves a goofy ride, great food, amazing stories to hear and of course, we all love a little souvenir every now and then.

But how is the amusement park managing itself? Not very well, I think. The traffic increases a by a percentage every day. Yet the parks have not changed their technology.

Listen up! We’ve got news for all of you. You can do even better!

Use Virtual Numbers so that it’s easier to contact your Amusement Park!

When your Amusement Park is huge and your customers need assistance, they tend to call on your advertised number. But sometimes the number is difficult to remember. Use cloud telephony and get a virtual number for easy to remember digits like 0124-AMUSE-ME and get more callers!

Use Toll-free number for giving your customers the gift of calling!

Now; when your customers are calling on your virtual number, they don’t want to pay if they have to call many times during their visit. Try out toll-free number services of Cloud Telephony and pay for their calls and let them feel closer to you!

Use click-to-call to seem more approachable and professional.

Well, it’s one thing to remember a number. It’s another thing to just click on the advertised number and let the software do its thing! Get a click-to-call feature from a Cloud Telephony Operator and let your customers be just a click away!

Use an IVRS for your customer care and feedback centre!

Your customers have many common complaints and FAQs. Use an IVRS with a toll-free number for answering customers and attending them without human intervention most of the time! In case the issues are more vital or optimal, the system connects the call to an real agent! 

Use Outbound Calling and SMS for advertising and promotional content!

Outbound Calls and messages are automated. It means you can record one message for all your customers and send them out at once! You also have the option of customisation of messages according to an individual using a database table! This feature is one of the hottest selling features of a Cloud Telephony company!

Use Missed Call Services to gain opinions on bringing or taking off a ride or store!

You wish to bring in a new ride, but you don’t know if it’ll gain popularity? Ask your customers! Send in promotional messages with a hint of what the ride is and ask for an opinion of people interested in it, just leave a missed call. That’s it!

Cloud Telephony solves most of your problems, not all of them. But yes, when it reduces your problems, it gives you more time to focus on those which you can solve by yourselves.

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