Upgrading Customer Experience Management with AI-enabled Cloud Telephony

Upgrading Customer Experience Management with AI-enabled Cloud Telephony

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Imagine calling your bank every other day to know your account balance and giving the same details again and again. Wouldn’t it be easier if you dial the number and know your account balance instantly? When you place a call, the system will automatically provide you with the relevant information even before interacting with an agent.

This is what AI-powered cloud telephony solutions have to offer. 

Customers are more inclined towards choosing the brands which offer better services. Even a single bad experience can impact their choice. That’s why providing excellent customer experience is a priority for businesses.

Businesses are leveraging the benefits of cloud telephony solutions to enhance a customer’s journey with their brand. By putting all their communication channels on the cloud, they ensure resolution of all the customers’ queries on time, without going through multiple hurdles.

And by clubbing AI and cloud telephony, they are providing a much more enhanced experience to the customers 

AI-powered Cloud Telephony Solutions

Automatic Keyword Spotting

When a customer calls a hotel to book a room and speaks to an agent, the live call is analysed by the hotel’s telephony system. By using Automatic Keyword Spotting feature, the system monitors the call for previously entered keywords and sentiment analysis.

For instance, the keywords spotted in the above situation could be – Availability, King size, property name, one night, personal visit, club room, make a reservation, credit card number, expiry date

These insights further help the hotel understand the customer’s patterns and their concerns better. It generates a dashboard that can tell you how many customers are satisfied, not satisfied, the conversion ratio of the leads, agent performance and much more all by itself!


Have you ever received calls like your mobile data pack is about to expire? Or how your next credit card bill is due tomorrow. Most probably, you have always received them.

The text-to-speech solution usually generates these calls.

As the name suggests, it converts written messages to voice messages and provide personalised automated updates to the customers.

This solution enables agents to invest their bandwidth on much more important tasks while still ensuring to be in touch with the customers.

Chatbots and Voicebots

While connecting with the customer care of every other e-commerce website, we get an option to chat with customer care executive. With the help of AI chatbots, the customer is asked preliminary questions about the chosen issue and tries to resolve the issue without human intervention. AI-enabled voice bots also serve the same purpose.  The agent interacts with the customer in complex situations saving their time and resources.

Contextual Conversations

A lot of times we call our favourite restaurant to order our comfort food. We repeat the same order every time, explaining the person on the other end the specific customisations we need in our food. What if we don’t have to do all the time? What if our call gets connected and the person/bot repeats the exact order that we’ve been making for so many times and ask us if we want to repeat the same?

Yes, this is possible. With the help of the previous history of the caller, the system automatically suggests the way forward. This provides the agent all the previous context he needs to have about the caller and provides much faster assistance.

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All this and much more can be leveraged to deliver memorable customer experiences. In our upcoming webinar on Next Generation Customer Engagement Powered by AI, we will dive deep into knowing how businesses can deliver beyond their customers’ expectations with a minimal workforce and automated processes.

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