Empowering Contact Centers with AI-driven speech analytics to deliver more and better

Empowering Contact Centers with AI-driven speech analytics

Artificial Intelligence is driving almost all businesses and speech analytics are not far behind. AI-driven speech analytics at contact centers help analyze data, mimic human decisions to reduce call volume and enhance agent productivity. Contact centers handle enormous amounts of audio data each day through their systems. AI can help enhance customer service by attending to customer complaints more effectively, answering their queries, and fully utilize the data in their systems.

Speech Analytics in Contact Centers

Speech analytics help extract crucial but unstructured data from customer’s communications, identify key patterns and utilize them to improve the overall customer experience.

Speech analytics technology has been around for over 2 decades and has penetrated all sectors, including government intelligence and private business markets. Speech analytics has the biggest market in contact centers.

Businesses implement speech analytics to analyze recorded customer calls and gain valuable insights that can enhance the customer experience. Speech analytics help contact centers comprehend customer pain points, reviews, and actionable feedback.

Businesses are not just looking to fully automate contact center services but also implement AI into the customer service department. While speech analytics is invaluable for maintaining long-term relationships with customers, they can be made more impactful through AI. Through AI, contact centers can handle more transactions, take quick actions, train agents to be more productive, and make them efficient enough to deliver extraordinary services.


How does an AI-powered call work?

The AI trend is taking over contact centers to improve speech analytics. Speech analytics combined with AI promises a drastic transformation in contact center operations in terms of speed and convenience.

Artificial Intelligence can be viewed as a top layer to speech analytics taking it to another level. It transforms analytics from just data extraction or database creation to a stage where the contact center staff can review data and take appropriate action.



AI’s role in Speech Analytics

AI plays a significant role in the personalized customer service experience. Speech analytics store user data for specific users such as user profiles, inquiries, complaints, and so on. AI can perform real-time analysis on data to make personalized recommendations to the call center agents. These suggestions are vital in delivering customized customer service.

The benefits of AI implementation in speech analytics are:

Predictive Analysis

AI brings in predictive analysis, automation, and speed to speech analytics. Businesses can gain real-time insights, identify patterns and factors that contribute to customer churn rate. This, in turn, can improve agent and product performance and service delivery.

Reduce Call Handling Time

Speech analytics driven by AI considerably reduces the average call handling time of the agents. Businesses can identify patterns and obtain real-time insights into customers’ interactions. AI-enhanced analytics offers opportunities for the agents to attend more calls and deliver solutions quicker.


Reduced Call Volume

Sometimes callers to contact centers may find it tedious to route the calls to alternative channels. Every agent must attempt to reduce call volume to maximize call center productivity. AI-driven speech analytics can help streamline calls, ensure quicker routing and minimize call volumes.


Train Call Center Agents

Artificial Intelligence implementation reduces human efforts to a great extent, including areas of employee evaluation. It helps contact centers to monitor the agents’ performance, give quick, real-time feedback, maintain call scores and prepare training modules.


AI and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a big challenge in the call center space. Hundreds of fraud attempts occur each day, especially for financial accounts. Sensitive data is vulnerable to identity theft and abuse. With its state-of-the-art solutions, AI can help call centers to protect data privacy during challenging situations. It can empower businesses to effectively prevent and respond to data breaches and hacks attempts on heavy volume data.


Ensure accuracy in Solutions

AI in speech analytics helps contact centers to constantly review conversations and analyze them deeply. This helps businesses to strategize and formulate better scripts that can address customer concerns effectively. Appropriate alerts and notifications can be sent to the agents if they do not follow the script or protocols.


Transform your contact center experience with AI

Leverage every customer interaction as a data point through AI-powered speech analytics. With the power of AI-driven speech analytics, trained and skilled contact center staff, your business can completely leverage the power of analytics to meet the customers’ needs and earn their trust towards your brand.

At Knowlarity, we take the Artificial Intelligence experience in speech analytics to a whole new level through our contextual conversations, near-human voice speech quality, and interactive IVR. Leverage our AI-based cloud telephony solutions for your business and automate your customer communication with state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, analytics, and reporting.

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