How to get a toll-free number for your customer team?

how to get a toll-free number?

Feedback is one of the best ways for any business to know if their customers are happy or not. Both customer review and customer feedback are important for the company to measure their profits. Going to the customer service department is one of the easiest ways to know and keep a track of the customer feedback. The customer service department handles all the calls that the company receives. They not only answer the call but also solve the quarries.

Customer service department acts as a link between the company and the customers. As a result of any feedback that comes from the customers totally depends on how the customer service department replies to the calls. Even after being one of the most vital departments of a company a customer service department has to face many problems like multiple call handling, difficulty in tracking all the calls and time-consuming. To solve all these problems the company just has to give its customer service department a toll-free number. But for this, they have to know what is a toll-free number and how to get a toll-free number.

What is a toll-free number?

A toll-free number is a number that starts with 1-800. It looks different from any ordinary number, making its identification easy. As the name says toll-free, it means whenever a caller calls the number provided by the service provider he does not have to pay for the call. The company pays on the behalf of the caller, making the call free for them.

So, now that you know what is a toll-free number lets see how to get a toll-free number? 

5 steps that tell how to get a toll-free number?

One has to follow these 5 easy steps to know how to get a toll-free number.

  • First, register by clicking here
  • After getting your company registered you have to verify your account.
  • After verification, the next step is to submit the company ID & address proof along with the acceptance letter of our Terms of Service.
  • Once all the above steps are done you have to choose a mode of payment to make payment.
  • Then comes the most awaited step that is to select your Toll-Free number.

How will a toll-free number help the customer service department?

So, now that you know how to get a toll-free number. It’s time to know how it helps the customer service department.

  • A toll-free number will help them to reach a large number of customers. This is because the customers can easily identify a toll-free number and can call and give their feedback.
  • As a toll-free number is free of cost the caller does not have to worry about the charges. This way they can easily call without thinking twice can give their feedback. This allows the customers to talk at length.
  • The customer service team can track the calls and record all the information of the callers like their phone number, date of call and time duration. A toll-free number also helps the customer call center to record all the feedback.

How to get a toll-free number?

Well, the answer to the question, how to get a toll-free number is very easy. A company can get a toll-free number from any service provider like BSNL, Vodafone, Exotel, AVOXI, and MyOperator. You can also get for toll-free number form a cloud telephony company like Knowlarity.

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