Your end-to-end guide for Mobile Number Portability Process (MNP Process)

Your end-to-end guide for Mobile Number Portability Process (MNP Process)

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What is Mobile Number Portability Process (MNP Process)?

Mobile Number Portability Process, or MNP Process,  is the facility that helps you switch from one mobile phone network service provider to another in any Licensed Service Area (LSA) of India while retaining your existing number. In simpler words, if you wish to keep your number and change the service provider you are on, then you need to get an MNP done. 

There might be a small charge involved, but it’s worth it – for your number listed everywhere stays intact. So there is no hassle of getting it changed everywhere.

MNP Process

There are three main steps to getting your mobile number ported:

  1. Initial Preparation before initiating the MNP Process
  2. Request to an operator to facilitate the change
  3. Approval from the operator based on eligibility

Getting ready for the MNP Process

  1. The customer contacts the new service provider to whom they want to port their mobile number after going through the eligibility criteria and other requirements carefully. (Please visit for further details).
  2. Then, you have to obtain a Porting Form and Customer acquisition Form (CAF).
  3. If eligible, then to receive a ‘Unique Porting Code'(UPC), send an SMS to the number ‘1900’ from the mobile number that you wish to port, with the text:’PORT'<space > your 10 digits mobile number.
  4. You will receive a message from ‘1902’ that states your ‘Unique Porting Code’.
  5. Fill up both the forms mentioned in point 2.
  6. Submit the forms along with documentary proof of the mobile service provider to the nearest retailer or Customer service center of the operator you want to shift to.
  7. If you are a postpaid subscriber, submit a paid copy of the last bill as well.
  8. Obtain a new SIM card from the new service provider.

Request the operator to take your application forward

The new recipient/operator requests the current operator to facilitate the change.

Approval from the operator

(A) The current operator can choose to reject the request if the customer does not fulfill the eligibility criteria.

(B) The current operator accepts the request and starts the transfer and makes the change in the central database and notifies the recipient and the telecom operators.

Who is entitled to opt for MNP?

All eligible Prepaid and Postpaid (GSM / CDMA) mobile users can port their virtual number. Eligibility criteria for undergoing the MNP process are as follows:-

  1. There are no outstanding payments due from the current subscriber.
  2. The porting request has been made after the expiry of a period of ninety days from the date of activation of a new connection from last porting.
  3. No request for change of ownership is under process.
  4. The number has not been prohibited from porting by any Court of Law.
  5. The subscriber has applied for porting within LSA.  
  6. The UPC mentioned in the request matches with the UPC allocated.
  7. The subscriber has complied with an exit clause for the present connection.

What are the benefits acquired from the MNP process?

  • Freedom of choice: A user is free to choose a new operator without having to change to a new number.
  • Economically feasible: This means you can avoid the inconvenience of having to notify friends and associates that you have changed your Number.
  • Generates competition: Quite often, some service providers in a particular area do not give you satisfactory services in terms of coverage, customer support, so you can choose to change your operator through the MNP process. So, in order to not lose customers, service providers are forced to put up their best front.

What is the best time to insert your new SIM?

As the MNP process generally takes 5–7 days. Usually, you will receive an SMS confirming the date and time of the completion of the MNP process. Also, after the completion of the MNP process, the old SIM wouldn’t be able to function. Then you will realize that the MNP process has been completed. After the signal vanishes from the first SIM, insert the new SIM, restart your phone and enjoy the new services.

What should you do if UPC expires before porting?

The time frame of validity for the UPC is 15 days after the request. For some reason, if the MNP process doesn’t happen within that stipulated time span, the request will get nullified. Then, one has to make the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) request afresh and repeat the entire process.

What is the deadline of cancellation of porting request?

One can cancel their port request within 24 hours of making the port request.

Does canceling the older service involve any extra efforts?

No extra efforts are included in the cancellation of the existing service. It will be automatically terminated once the MNP process is successfully complete and the number has been ported to the new Mobile Service Provider.

Do we need to choose new services?

Only numbers have the feature of portability, that is the reason for the name MNP. One can only port their numbers and not their services. A customer usually opts for porting after foreseeing the better services being provided by the new operator. In any case, one must re-register for all the value-added services (VAS) with the recipient operator.

Can you switch from GSM to CDMA and vice-versa? How?

You’re only moving from one service provider to another. There’s no need to worry about mobile technologies. You just need to make sure that you have a GSM-enabled handset when moving to a GSM operator or a CDMA handset when moving to a CDMA operator.

[FYI, GSM-Global System for Mobile; CDMA-Code Division Multiple Access]

You adopt the MNP process when you wish to transfer the ownership of your number as well. In this case, all you need to do is submit the documents of the new owner to the new operator while doing the above MNP process. Cloud Telephony companies also undertake the MNP process on the backend. They use it to port in or port out numbers. It mostly comes to work when businesses want to convert their numbers to virtual numbers and connect it with an IVR solution. Companies like Knowlarity are powered by Vodafone and Airtel on the telecom base.

The introduction of the MNP process has to lead to the improvement of services as customers have the right to exercise their choice. MNP processes help maintain reliability and credibility due to the freedom of choice it offers. This has made a change in the choice of services easier and hassle-free.

Author bio: Hey! I’m Pearl Pullan , a writing enthusiast pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering. I find beauty in the manner in which technology amalgamates with life and simplifies everything.

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