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click-to-call service

Glow Bright Private Limited is a new start-up in the field of the home appliance. Their aim is to sell home appliance to their customers at no delivery cost. Like all other start-ups even they are facing the following problems:-

  •    Mass reach
  •    Lead conversion
  •    Customer satisfaction and feedback
  •    Time-consuming
  •    Huge database

Glow Bright Private Limited wants a solution that would help them to solve these problems and boost their start-up. They met a business expert who told them about click-to-call service.

What is a click-to-call service?

As the name says click-to-call it means that the customer only has to click and a call will be dialed to the receiver. This is possible because with a click-to-call service there is an icon present on the website or blog of the company. This allows the customer to call the company just by clicking that icon.

How does click-to-call service help the start-up?

Click-to-call service is beneficial for a start-up as it helps in solving the following problems:-

Lead generation

No matter what a business or start-up. It requires customers for its existence and growth. One of the best ways they can increases their customer base is by converting the website and blog traffic into customers.  This is possible because of the click-to-call service icon present on the company website and blog. This allows the lead to get converted into customers as they can call the company just by clicking the button at the same time when they are going through the content.

Mass reach

With click-to-call service, the start-up can reach to a larger number of people. As customers from all over the world can call by clicking the icon. This helps the start-up to overcome the geographical boundaries and get connect to customer living anywhere. Hence, click-to-call  helps in mass reach.

Customer satisfaction and feedback

Click-to-call  allows the customers to give their feedback just by clicking an icon. Giving feedback just by clicking an icon is way easier than calling or sending feedback via e-mails. This way of quick feedback also increases customer satisfaction and improves the image of the company.

Saves time

Every time a customer has to call the start-up to know something or to order an appliance he would not have to waste time in searching for the number. He can view the items on the web pages of the start-up and click the icon present on the page only and directly place if order. This saves his time and efforts.

No need to maintain a huge database

With click-to-call, the start-up does not have to maintain a huge database. This is because all the information of caller who clicks the click to call icon automatically gets recorded. The click-to-call service helps in recording the caller’s number, call duration, date of call etc. This way the start-up does not have to maintain a separate database.

Therefore, having a click-to-call service is a beneficial decision for Glow Bright Private Limited in terms of time, money, customers and growth.

Where to get a click-to-call service for your start-up?

Glow Bright Private Limited adopted a click-to-call service from Knowlarity.  As Knowlarity is a cloud telephony company that provides many services that help a start-up to grow into a business faster. Its services include IVR service, outbound calling, missed call service, toll-free number, virtual number, call center service and click-to-call . However, click-to-call service is the most suitable one for Glow Bright Private Limited.

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