How can Transcription Accuracy on Voice Calls fasten your Automation Workflow

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Call monitoring at contact centers is standard practice for most businesses today. But it is impractical and tedious to listen to every recorded call and vital information from the customer interaction may get lost. Accurate speech to text transcription converts audio to textual data that enables the contact center managers to quickly analyze the data to dissect the calls.

Automated workflows are software that aid agents and managers to optimize task performance. Transcription Accuracy of voice calls can help the easy transfer of data from the software to any business tool and vice versa. This allows agents to leverage the benefits of several third-party tools without worrying about data inconsistencies or loss.

Significance of Call Transcription Accuracy

Although most businesses have managed to achieve high levels of call transcription accuracy over the years, things like background noise, cross-talk, poor audio, accents, and so on hinder transcription accuracy to a large extent. But businesses attempt to achieve critical speech transcripts accuracy in several ways.

Transcription accuracy can be effectively used to assess the overall effectiveness of speech to text transcription strategy and make the automation workflow of a contact center smooth and seamless.

Some benefits of achieving a 100% accuracy in call transcriptions are:

1.Enhance Agent Performance

Call transcription accuracy ensures the high quality of the call monitoring process as the managers get a clear picture of how an agent is handling each incoming call and where they are struggling. This information becomes invaluable for feedback and training.

Accurate call transcriptions also show which agents are performing well and managers can use those successful calls as a benchmark for training purposes.

2. Provide a better Customer Experience

Accurately transcribing audio text ensures an exceptional customer experience by capturing the customer sentiment. Sentiment analysis allows agents to quickly identify and address customer complaints and pain points. By interpreting specific words and phrases from the calls, a positive or negative sentiment of the customer is identified.

3. Improve the Overall Sales and Marketing Strategy

The sales and marketing departments can utilize transcriptions data to ensure consistent delivery of customer expectations from their products and services. Accurate transcription data can help businesses identify competitors, threats, cross-sell, up-sell and move lead up the sales pipeline. Call transcription is used to generate valuable leads and connect with people.

 Role of Accurate Call Transcription in Automation  Workflow

Automated workflows are a major enhancement in contact center systems and accurate voice call transcription empower agents and managers to accomplish more tasks accurately and quickly. Some of the main ways in which call transcription can contribute to automation workflow are:

Reduction of Errors

Automated workflow eliminates the need for repeat data entry. Accurate call transcription ensures data accuracy and consistency in record keeping. It promotes efficiency in tracking prospects and customers records. Informed conversations contribute to effective workflow automation.

Receive correct notifications

Contact center software solutions’ automated workflows help the staff to send email messages and notifications automatically after an important event. These emails are customized to contain specific information for the target audience. Call transcription allows the managers to get better visibility about the information and content conveyed through these notifications.

 Improve efficiency and accuracy

Accurate voice call transcription significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of data. The customer conversations will indicate who the speaker is through clear conversation transcripts, and the staff can categorize the types of conversations that can serve as valuable metrics. These metrics obtained from the voice call transcription can provide the speech analytics user a significant boost in accuracy and business value.

 Conclusion : 

Transcription accuracy matters because a single error may completely alter the essence of a conversation. Even a small percentage of inaccuracy can prove detrimental to the integrity of a call and the validity of the message delivered.

We at Knowlarity can help make the most sense of your transcription through our domain specific, targeted methodologies. We create accurate transcripts of several call types such as customer service calls, meeting recording, sales calls, zoom calls and so on to better interpret and manage your communications.

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