3 Ways for Local Cable Operators to Grow their Business using Cloud Telephony

January 17, 2017

As a local cable operator (LCO), you are probably losing ground to bigger players with technologies like DTH and wireless TV. However, there are quite a few things that you can still do to outsmart the competition and grow your business. Here are three ways in which a cloud telephony system can take your business to the next level.

1. Project a Large Company Image

A large segment of your customer base prefers to go to a bigger player. This is usually because they believe that a bigger company will be able to provide better service.

You can’t obviously become a big corporation overnight, but what you can do is project yourself as one. How?

Let’s start with the first point of contact with your company – the telephone. A large corporation will have an advanced phone system with smart call routing, multiple extensions, and pleasant music while on hold. Such telephony systems are are frequently associated with large corporations.

The great news is – with cloud telephony’s cutting-edge technology you can get all these features at a fraction of the cost. A local cable operator can advertise a single number through all their marketing materials. Your callers will be greeted professionally and will be routed correctly. Cloud-based PBX systems are the golden ticket for small businesses seeking to make a great business impression. You can enjoy all of these features on any phone – a landline or a mobile.

You can maintain a professional “big company” image even if the entire company consists of 2 people! Cloud telephony will help you to compete with big players in the industry while still staying within a tight budget.

2. Stop Losing Sales

Do you get to pick up every call that you get? Probably not. Which essentially means that you are losing business.

With a cloud telephony system, local cable operators can ensure that missed calls do not mean a missed sales opportunity. The cloud telephony solution can record all missed call data while lines are busy or team members are out of office and save it in the CRM system. This allows you to call back your prospects and convert a good number of them to customers.

A Cloud Telephony solution also comes with a CRM system which helps in maintaining a record of all inbound and outbound calls for better call monitoring and tracking purposes. You can review calls recordings to see how your phone operators are performing, and accordingly train them to do better. It also becomes very easy to maintain a record of the caller database. Even if they don’t buy from you right away, you can always call them in future with a special one-time offer and entice them to become your customer.

3. High End Customer Service:

A common reason why consumers prefer to go to a large established service provider is because of the quality of service. It’s very common for local cable operators to be slow in responding to service requests.

Normally, if an issue is reported to you, it might take you a lot of time to identify, track, monitor and resolve it. It’s not uncommon for it take upto 3-4 days, which leads to customer dissatisfaction, customers leaving your services as well as discouraging other people to buy your services. After all, in this age of instant access to entertainment, who wants to wait for more than a day to get their TV fixed!

You can significantly improve your response rate by having a cloud telephony system in place. Adopting Cloud telephony solutions will help you boost your customer service and response rates significantly using CRM intelligence, smart call routing, professional IVR and more. You will make sure that no service phone call goes unanswered and have a call recording to refer to. This call recording will help to to take action to resolve the complaint much faster.

Moreover, local cable operators can track their employees’ productivity and monitor service requests through call recording features. This simple solution can reduce the service related churns drastically.

Focus on What Really Matters

Cloud telephone setups enable you to focus on what really matters: satisfying customers, increasing sales and growing your reputation. By empowering you to adjust your phone system quickly and easily, without being tied down to outmoded systems or processes, cloud phone systems can make your business work better.

Local cable operators might be losing ground to bigger players, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Adopting a cloud telephony system is an incredibly cost-effective way to stand up to the competition and grow your business.


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