How Edutech Uses Knowlarity to Reinvent it’s Sales Optimization Process

Cloud Contact Center

The rapidly growing demand for online learning has pushed the education industry to embrace the new age technology to improvise their services in offering a great customer support service. Inculcation of technology has reshaped the approach of online education by far into offering remote services in every nook and corner of the world/country.

Online Education Firm Is Using Knowlarity For: Click to Call  & Cloud Contact Center

The Problem

Previously the education industry was facing issues in connecting with the customers seamlessly to solve their queries and onboard them for various courses. This was followed by having an impact on their monitoring system where there was an absence of a proper platform to track, record and measure the performance of the sales agents. Hence, managing the team’s productivity became a huddle in order to keep track of total calls answered, missed, etc.

Main Challenges

  • No real-time tracking of calls
  • No live recording of conversations/calls
  • Absence of monitoring agent’s productivity
  • Absence of analytics metrics tools

Solution Offered by Knowlarity

A centralized cloud-based click to call and contact center solutions has helped the edutech industry to reinvent their sales optimization process. Every call is placed through the cloud solutions that have an analytics dashboard to monitor every agent’s performance even when one is working from a remote location. 

Click to call process

Success With Knowlarity

The smart solutions powered by Knowlarity has yielded constructive results in retrieving customer calls for onboarding and responding to instant queries. Hence, the complete process is now automated for streamlined customer support services without missing a single lead. 

Milestones Achieved

  • Live monitoring of agents to track their performance
  • Real-time call recordings and calls tracking
  • 2000 workforce are using a single solution with productive outcome
  • Analytics dashboard for deep insights


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