How Food Delivery Uses Knowlarity to Protect the Privacy of its Customers

Knowlarity Click to Call Solution with number masking

A rapid change in the consumers’ food ordering patterns compelled the food delivery industry to evolve into an advanced online delivery platform. With the advent of emerging technologies, automated optimizing channels came into place in offering quick customer service by changing the outlook of the delivery services. 

Food Delivery Organisation Is Using Knowlarity For: Click to Call Solution

The Problem

The food delivery industry was facing issues in connecting the customers to their delivery executive on a communication platform that facilitates call recording, call tracking and hiding customer details to the agent and vice versa. This was impacting the overall delivery system without a proper channel of monitoring system in place. With the increase in demand, the existing operating system was lacking behind to keep up with customer expectations.

Main Challenges

  • Low connectivity of customers and delivery executives
  • No Live call tracking
  • No Call recording 
  • No Number masking

Solution Offered by Knowlarity

Cloud-based Click to Call Solution enabled with Number masking has helped the food delivery industry to implement quick changes in their operating system by enabling a secured line of the network to offer seamless customer support. The call is now initiated by the delivery executive from their delivery mobile app which gets connected to the customer by pushing a complex logic through call CDR. 

Success with Knowlarity

A distributed contact center powered by Knowlarity offered the opportunity to manage automated, streamlined and flexible customer support services. This has aided the food delivery industry to manage their services across pan India on a high operating mode with more than 98 percent success rate.

Milestones Achieved

  • Real-time monitoring with live call tracking and call recordings
  • Number masking enabled hiding the contact details of customers and delivery agents
  • Connectivity of delivery executives with customers is more than 98%
  • 10 lakhs calls everyday with 6000+ concurrent calls

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