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Knowlarity prides itself in being able to help businesses across different verticals serve their customers better with cutting-edge cloud-based solutions. This includes the hospitality sector, particularly hotels. Some of ours clients include Park Hyatt, Park Plaza and Euro Garden, among several others throughout the country.

These hotels have benefited from the many cloud communication solutions that Knowlarity has had to offer. For example, Park Plaza uses our Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC), which is an intelligent Web-based notification system. After the 2008 terror attack on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, hotels felt the need for better security measures for the safety of their staff and customers.

The emergency number

In case of an emergency, the hotel can call on the ERCC number provided by Knowlarity, and pick the nature of emergency from the menu options. The system then pulls out the relevant phone book (this could include the contact numbers of all the guests staying in the hotel, or all the staffers, or both) to send security alerts to their phones.

The ERCC number allows the client to create multiple phone books. This helps the hotel get in touch with their customers or members of the staff during a time of need.

The virtual call centre

Pali Beach Resort is yet another customer to benefit from cloud communication solutions. Proprietor Rickson Rodricks recalls his days of struggle, managing calls through multiple phone numbers before he was introduced to our product, SuperReceptionist, which provides an efficient virtual call centre, among other things. Quite simply, “we were losing business,” he said. “Being a budget hotel, it was not possible to employ a dedicated team just to take calls round the clock.”

Today, his single SuperReceptionist phone number helps him track and route up to 60 calls a day with ease. He no longer worries about missing calls and even uses the voice recording feature to track customer feedback. “I’m so happy I have this product from Knowlarity,” says Rickson.

Our services

Knowlarity’s products have helped several hotels track and route calls, follow up with potential clients, and monitor conversations for training and quality purposes.

With our products, smaller hotels have been able to greet and serve their customers more professionally through a virtual call centre. This has not only helped them minimise human errors, but also cut costs by eliminating the need for expensive IVR machines and elaborate call centres.

Our more established clients have had the option of customising these secure and powerful call management features to suit their business needs. Knowlarity’s team of experts have provided tailor-made communication solutions for complex business scenarios.

Photo Credit: Dennis Wong

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