How Rajeev saved his NGO from a cash crunch with Cloud Telephony

How Rajeev saved his NGO from a cash crunch with Cloud Telephony

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Lack of funds forced Welfare Society resorting to cost-cutting measures like laying off employees, cutting off campaign expenses etc. Thus the management committee was on the lookout to probe the departments wherein resources could be cut down. While things were already on edge, getting rid of the workforce would put a stop to important things like fundraising, campaigning, and one-on-one donor interaction. One solution was deploying automation to make processes efficient, faster and affordable. The requirement was escalated to the employees of the NGO to seek their recommendation.

Rajeev, Head of the technical department of Welfare society, recommended cloud telephony to his senior, Abhishek, and discussed its advantages. Abhishek asked him to search for cloud telephony vendors. His face lit up when he understood it in detail, for it was the solution to all their problems!

Cloud telephony to the rescue!

After deploying the solutions, not only did they not need to let anyone go, they were able to do much more with the limited manpower they had!

Problems like fundraising were easily resolved by using Cloud Telephony. Call tracking, Caller ID, call analytics helped the NGO improve and assess the fundraising funnel. One thing they found very useful was the insights feature of cloud telephony – allowing them to assess where the calls are coming from, how specific people are performing and how their campaigns are doing.

Campaigns didn’t require multiple people anymore. All they needed to do was shoot out a recorded outbound call to everyone and the job was done! Personalization was not lost, for the messages could be customized using text-to-speech. Again, fully automated.

Bad donor experience can lead donations to decrease. Fortunately, this was handled well too! With an uptime of 99.99% and greater mobility, agents could now handle more calls, more efficiently – giving them a customer experience worth coming back for. If the customer experience is good, then there is no reason the donor would not want to come back for a good deed again. 

All these changes allowed Welfare Society to focus on community service, while transactional operations were taken care of by cloud telephony!

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(Co-authored with Harshit Gupta, Mayank Bhateja and Kamal Singh)

Harshita Srivastava
Harshita Srivastava
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