How Speech Analytics can help improve Agent Performance in Contact Centers

Agent Performance in Contact Centers

Being a contact center agent is one of the toughest jobs as he must deal with different people of varying personalities. At the end of the day, as an agent, you will feel fulfilled if you have sold a product or solved a customer’s problem. A call center agent’s responsibility includes answering calls, working in a multi-channel environment, and handling communication in the form of emails, chats, messages, and social media.

To make call center agents excel and achieve peak performance, they must be given continuous training and feedback. This is where speech analytics can help. Speech analytics can listen and analyze almost all phone conversations, listen and review all that is said and done by call center agents, identify interactions, and scope for improvement.

How Speech Analytics Boost Agent Performance

However good a chatbot may be, there are points in the customer journey where the customers will wish to interact with a live agent who can empathize, understand their problems, and resolve their issues.  Given below are the ways in which speech analytics can enhance agent performance:

Brings the Human Touch

Speech analytics along with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing elevate the human touch in customer service. Speech analytics adds immense value both to the brand and the customer service. Its capabilities recognize the agent’s challenges in delivering the brand’s message to the customer and address them.

Speech analytics helps agents understand customer sentiment and enable automation of tasks to reduce call time, identify opportunities, deliver real-time training and listen to customer concerns better.


Customer Emotion

Speech analytics empower the call center agent to tap into the customer’s emotion towards the brand. Speech analytics help to build this through a series of valuable customer interactions. When the customer engages with the goods or service, there can be many emotions involved ranging from positive to negative. Speech analytics help agents decipher the customer sentiment and work to keep it positive to ensure repeat business and attract new customers.



Real-time Insights

Insights provided to call center agents after data has been collected and analyzed becomes too late for proactive decision making. The data becomes historical rather than actionable. No decision can be made to train or coach the agents based on the knowledge base.

Speech analytics enables agents to measure customer reaction and sentiment in real-time during the call. Keywords, phrases, and contexts are actively monitored to obtain cues and emotion. This customer data delivers actionable real-time insights to the agent that can drive his future course of action.


Dynamic Solutions

When speech analytics is implemented in contact centers, the agents arrive at the solution after listening to the customer completely and act immediately. The agents get immediate alerts and prompt on the screen to enable them to proactively decide the next steps of action. Dynamic steps can alter the direction of customer interaction to achieve positive results.


Predictive Analytics

Speech analytics allow agents to perform predictive analytics which is the ability to draw insights from historical data and make meaningful suggestions. The speech analytics technology prompts agents to put forth the next best offer, discounts, or attempt to up-sell the product or service based on customer interaction and reaction. This kind of engagement helps businesses to build better solutions and the customers to nurture a long lasting relationship with the brand.


Learning on the job

Speech analytics capabilities such as predictive analytics, real-time feedback enable the agents and managers to grow and improve while on the job. Agent scoring helps to identify specific elements that need to be trained or coached. The speech analytics system ensures that the agents are complying with all the rules and regulations of contact center communication that enhance its quality.


The Final Word

Only engaged and empowered contact center agents can ensure the delivery of the best customer experience. Speech analytics offers your contact center agents the tools, guidance, and support to make valuable connections and sustain them for a long time.

At Knowlarity, our speech analytics technology works on the principle of people intelligence. Every customer conversation is analyzed to identify trends, insights, and performance of an agent or employees that this analytical data can be utilized for business process improvement.

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