How to Reach Prospective Clients Without Human Effort?

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With the advent of digital marketing and advanced tech platforms, companies have transformed their strategies and business processes in offering superior customer experience. To reach out to new prospective clients is now easy with automated solutions that require little to no human intervention. sales and support teams manual work is now transformed through smart solutions that eases the experiences of the customers which saves time and effort from both ends. Knowlarity’s cloud telephony solutions aids in automating customer communications. With the changing time and need, companies also come up with innovative solutions to create new opportunities to survive in the competitive market.

Businesses can achieve in reaching out to their prospective clients through cloud-based smart solutions. Getting access to the smart dashboard will enable you to create and organize automated campaigns that will reach to your prospects without any active human intervention. Introduction of advanced tech based tools like progressive dialer, IVR, voicebots, automated outbound calls and much more are now in use by various companies to transform the way they connect with their customers. These features come with Knowlarity’s AI enabled cloud contact center solution that has evolved the way of connecting with the customers.

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is an advanced form of contact center management that runs on cloud i.e. need no hardware installation, instead it is a software based program. It can be integrated with any all leading CRMs. Hence, one need not to move away from their CRM tools instead make your CRM tools smarter to work efficiently. And it allows your team to work from different locations and still be connected through a single dashboard. Also, this ensures a reliable, secured and smart solution to manage a streamlined sales and support team.

However, the collaboration of AI into business strategies has evolved the way the world is connecting with their customers. The latest concept that has been the buzz in every industrial vertical is automated communication. This reduces human effort while optimizing operations at an affordable cost. Knowlarity’s cloud contact center offers multiple benefits which are AI enabled and delivers seamless communication. There are some effective ways mentioned below that will help you to connect with your prospective clients and customers automatically.

Ways to Connect with your Prospective Clients without Human Effort

Offer Automated Customer Response via IVR

The initiation of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system will enable you to offer a quick and uninterrupted response to your prospects. Through programmable extensions, a multi-level IVR can be created. Thus, you can configure it with easy CRM integration. And you can set up a multi-level IVR with sub-menus of multiple options to choose from the service you want to offer your prospective customers. This will save the time and involve human interaction as the IVR response is human like voice to offer friendly voice support. Thus, you can easily retrieve the automatically saved prospects response.

Besides that, you will also benefit from additional features like call recording that will help you survey your automated call response through IVR. Along with which you have access to real-time reports and analytics that will help you to build your next marketing campaign as the insights.

Text-to-Speech Enables Indian Based Accents

With the TTS being integrated to your existing CRM, it will offer an enhanced experience to your customers. The best feature of TTS is that you can incorporate multiple accents that include regional, english and hindi as per target based or location based campaigns. The automated communication in Indian based accents will reduce your operational cost as well as human effort in reaching out to your prospects. 

Also, one can control the pitch of the voice depending on the type of automated call that has been placed. For eg: a promotional offer call can be presented in a voice that shows excitement while any other service call voice will be professional and low pitch.

Progressve Dialer Connects with Customers Instantly

By initiating a progressive dialer that comes with quick CRM integration can create a great impact in connecting with your customers. You can merge your marketing campaigns with the target data of the client’s details and automated calls will be made to the selected set of data. This reduces the human effort of calling each prospective client. Once the client shows interest in communicating further to know more details, then only an agent is connected through call routing. 

However, in most cases, the quality leads are generated via automated calls. Hence, businesses can focus their efforts in other operations by automating their customer communication.

Automate your Communication via Voicebots

Voicebots is an AI enabled feature that can be integrated with all leading CRMs to be configured easily in your system. By enabling voicebots will be an added advantage of offering your customers to converse with a human like voice. The integration of voicebots will ensure an automated communication will take place while reaching out to your prospects. 

All the factors mentioned above to connect with your prospective audience with little to no human effort can be achievable through Knowlarity’s smart solutions. We have already activated the same in multiple organisations in different verticals with a successful track record.. Every smart solution comes with the access to an online dashboard that has real-time analytics that generates deep insights to serve the customers better in the future. 

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