How Unlimited Callings Plans are a Plus in the Cloud Contact Center Solution?



Knowlarity has launched unlimited calling plans for cloud contact center that will cover every business need. An automated customer engagement smart solution is the latest trend that ensures a quick response to every customer query without missing a single call. Initiating a cloud contact center with unlimited calling plans per agent will enable businesses to bring their employees and customers together on a single communication platform. The result of which can be leveraged by businesses into acquiring more customers with an economical smart solution.

Using a cloud contact center is already an advantage for businesses to be flexible and mobile in offering streamline customer experience. When unlimited calling plans are merged with a call management solution, it will help you achieve more sales targets. It will not only help the businesses save their expenses but they can also achieve more leads conversions that too in real-time.

How will Cloud Contact Center Benefit Your Business?

  1. On-premise workstation will be replaced by flexible remote workforce to work from any location any time.
  2. Deep insights can be retrieved in real-time data form instead of manual data consolidation.
  3. Live notification pop up of the caller on an online dashboard to notify the agent to call back once the ongoing call is over.
  4. IVR response for outbound and inbound calls for quick resolvement of customer queries.
  5. Business-friendly setup without any CAPEX investment, and mobile as compared to traditional PBX setup.
  6. Complete data privacy of customers and callers will be in focus of every company which earlier was a difficult scenario for customer service support.

Save More with Unlimited Calls Using a Cloud Contact Center?

Knowlarity has introduced three unlimited calling plans that will help businesses to save their IT expenses to make their business cost effective. You will also get the opportunity to deliver quality customer communication through a secure and reliable software that works from any location in real-time. Here is the list of the 3 unlimited calling plans:

Manage Unlimited Calls with Lead Management Software 

Cloud-Contact-Center-unlimited-calling-knowlarityWhen you have a demand for managing a huge contact center, this is the best cost-effective solution. The Lead management software already comes with an added feature of click-to-call. This software will enable you to work on a very smart communication platform. 

  • Being a sales operation manager you will be able to create a predefined list of customers and directly upload it to your online dashboard panel that can be seen from the agents end. 
  • On the same panel, the agent will only get viewing access to that data to place calls. Also, when you have an opportunity for unlimited calling  already, the agent will be able to make more calls as compared to earlier. 
  • IVR system can also be added in it to reduce human effort and resolve quick customer queries.
  • This will boost their productivity while you get quality lead conversion. 
  •  The click to call (Inbound & outbound contact center) also has the same features as that of the lead management software.

The added feature of Click-to-call will help you to connect the agents with the customers within seconds saving their time as well. The benefit of using such software is that one can login securely from their devices from any location in real-time. This gives you an opportunity to monitor your team’s performance live even when they are on a customer call while tracking lead conversion on the same panel. In order to manage a large customer support service, an effective solution like lead management software will save your expenses.

Inbound & Outbound Calling Software (Click to Call Software) with Unlimited Calls

Medium size businesses who are looking for a smart and affordable solution for their customer support service, this is a smart option. 

  • Getting access to an online dashboard to manage and monitor your unlimited inbound and outbound calls will help you optimize your sales operations in real time. 
  • The click-to-call feature makes it easier for you to keep track of your calls details that include total calls received, answered, and missed. 
  • This data will also be generated automatically via the analytics dashboard on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to help you gather insights on your unlimited calling. 
  • With this software you can easily measure your ROI made through unlimited calls.

The IVR aslo works great as an added feature when there are huge calls to be answered automatically. The click to call simplifies your business operations while reducing your extra phone billing expenses.

Manage Unlimited Calls with Inbound Contact Center Software

Inbound-contact-center-knowlarityThis is a simple solution to manage and monitor only your incoming calls. If you have a requirement of only answering to customer queries, this contact center software for unlimited incoming calls will be suitable. 

  • The best feature of this solution is that you can get access to all call records along with customer information in real-time. 
  • Similar to the other two solutions this solution also offers deep insights that will help you in strategic decision making. 
  • Using a smart cloud-based inbound solution will help you manage your expenses better. 

The current world is changing faster in terms of customer communication, and businesses are looking for innovative and economical solutions to create a seamless customer support system. Knowlarity is also aiding businesses like big enterprises to small startups to use a smart communication platform. With these solutions a minimum of 1 agent to maximum of any number can use these softwares for a seamless operation.

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