IVR Will Be Your Bridesmaid For Wedding Planning

IVR Will Be Your Bridesmaid For Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning is a hectic job. You manage all the work, but even a small mistake can break the dream of a perfect wedding.

A human can’t possibly manage to plan a wedding alone. From making arrangements of accommodation to ensuring every guest is well fed, a lot of tasks need constant attention. In such situations, IVR solutions serve as the perfect assistant.

How does an IVR help a wedding planner

Maintain the records of your clients: An IVR is integrated with CRM. It creates a database for your clients having all the relevant informationin one place. For instance, if a family hired your services for one wedding and want to hire you again for another, their contact and other details will be saved in your database for future references.

Keep a work-life balance: An IVR gives you the benefit of sleeping at night without having to answer calls at inconvenient timings. It records messages for you when you are unavailable so you don’t miss any important update or a potential lead.

Automated responses for FAQs: IVRs provide a virtual assistant that can answer frequently asked questions. In case your prospective clients need your office address, an automated voice can provide it without any human interference. All FAQs can be answered by the assistant, and it can play a recorded message as per your command, too!

You won’t miss any leads: An IVR system will handle your leads, transfer them to suitable agents and record their details in your database. You won’t miss any leads because even if no agent is available to attend the calls, the IVR plays a pre-recorded message and records your clients’ queries, so you can contact them back first thing the next day!

Makes you look professional: Since an IVRS never lets you get a busy tone, your leads are not diverted to your competitors. It saves their times and yours! This makes you look professional because time is the most precious possession – especially for an engaged couple.

Test Case Study

The Great Wedding Wedding Planners, a well-known organization turned to IVR solutions to manage their business. Let’s take a look at their IVR script.

Thank you for calling Mistletoe! Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Hindi.


Press 1 for a new project, Press 2 for an ongoing project.


Press 1 for payment, Press 2 for details, Press 9 to contact a representative. Press “0” to go back to the previous menu.


Please wait as we connect you to our best representative.

*music plays*

*You patch up with agent*

The script shows you an overview of how you, as a wedding planner, can use IVR solutions for the benefit of your firm, at a low cost. Learn more about IVR solutions, click here!

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