Knowlarity launches Dial-in number for Valentine’s Day special

Looking for unique ways to express how much you love your partner? Finding it difficult to ask him or her out face-to-face? Tired of gifting the same card and chocolate box every year?

Then, Knowlarity Valentine’s Day special number is your true call!

When was the last day you expressed your feelings to your loved one? This day marks the celebration of one of the most beautiful bonds which are the bond of love, as it’s the purest form and can be for anyone whether parents, partner, children, grandparents and even it can be for friends.

There is well-known saying that

Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love them, how much you care for them.

A gift and a card might not be enough, time to get more creative. This Valentine’s Day, rely on cloud telephony and surprise your loved ones with an original voice message (recorded in your own voice) powered by Knowlarity! Send a poem, a song, a message or an invitation.

All you have to do is to simply record your voice message on +91 9069138623 and Knowlarity will take care of sending it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day!

Hurry, the line is open until February 13th, 2017; 12 AM.

What’s more?
Two lucky numbers will be picked at random and given a Rs.1000 voucher from Flipkart!
To give you an idea of what the call will look like, here is the IVR script:

  • “This Valentine’s Day, let your special someone know how you feel with Knowlarity! All you got to do is record your message and we’ll take care of sending it to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Request you to steer clear of inappropriate tone and language.”
  • “To get started, please record your message after the beep, followed by the hash key.”
  • “The message you have recorded is”
  • “Press 1 if you think your message is good-to-go! Press 2 if you’d like to record it again.”
  •  “Please record your name after the beep, followed by the hash key.”
  • “Please enter your recipient’s number along with the country code followed by hash key.”
  • “Your message will be sent to”
  • “Press 1 to confirm, Press 2 to enter again.”
  • “Congratulations! Your message will be sent to your love one on Valentine’s Day! Knowlarity wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.”

On the receiver’s end:

  •  “Hi there, happy Valentine’s Day! You’ve received a special message from [wait 1 sec], powered by Knowlarity. Press 1 if you want to listen to it, hang up if you don’t.”
  • “Press 1 to listen to the message again, press 2 to talk to the person.”
  • “Please stay on hold while we connect you.”

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