Businesses in UAE are making customer experience seamless: Here’s how

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What if I tell you that you can handle your entire business communication with just a single device?

No additional equipment. No complex phone systems. All you need is a smartphone/laptop and you can access your calls from anywhere, anytime.

In simple terms, one of the best-performing tools for lead generation and business communication, a phone, has moved to the Cloud. Cloud telephony solutions enable businesses to have all their communication without installing a single piece of hardware.

This smart resource is helping businesses save their most valuable assets – time and money.

What makes cloud telephony a smart resource?

The multiple benefits of cloud telephony solutions have increased its demand in Dubai and the global market. A lot of startups and SMEs worldwide are using customized AI-powered solutions to:

  1. Not miss out quality leads
  2. Managing customer communication
  3. Rolling out marketing campaigns

Above objectives are common to all businesses – making cloud telephony the perfect choice for almost any kind of business.

Lead Management using cloud telephony solutions

Think about having a dashboard indicating the status of every call received or missed. You can track these calls, record these calls or hear what your agent discussed on these calls with the potential customer. Identify quality leads and close the opportunity accordingly.

Also, these calls can be accessed from anywhere and at any point of time. So you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything while you or your agent is not in the office.

Not only this, with having a lead management system in place, you can get real-time analytics and strategize better.

Solutions that can be used: Virtual Number, IVR, Call Center

Great Customer Care Services – The mark of a great business

Managing communication with customers, the most important stakeholders can be a complicated job. By offering them a single number for all their queries and routing the call to the concerned agent in one go, you are making this task very easy. It saves a lot of their time and provides them the right sone-stop without unnecessary hassles. We all love a one stop solution right?

Solutions that can be used: Virtual Number, IVR, Call Center, Outbound Calling, Click to Call

One number. Many campaigns.

Be it a virtual number or a missed call number, you can use these solutions to run marketing campaigns and track individual ROI. Using cloud telephony solutions, you can get in touch with the customers from low internet regions and optimize your target audience.
Solutions that can be used: Missed Call Number, Virtual Number, Progressive Dialer, Outbound Calling

These are just some of the benefits that are helping businesses across Dubai and UAE improve customer experience significantly and increase customer retention manifold. You can customize these solutions on the basis of your requirement. To know more about how to choose the correct solution for your business, give us a missed call on (+971) 44376000 or visit us here.

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