Loom Solar Redefining its Customer Engagement Using Cloud Telephony

Loom Solar Redefining its Customer Engagement Using Cloud Telephony

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Loomsolar.com , started 5 months ago, is one of the first and the leading brand in a potential 5000-crore solar products market in India, with over 1 million website visitors. It boasts of 200+ products, a plan to expand to have 10 brands and over 500 products in the coming months. A cut above their competitors, they stay with their customers from the initial stages of placing an order, through the government application and approval processes, and right up until installation. Across their platforms, they have visitors numbering up to 1 million every month.

Facing the Obstacles

The company was in a rut when it came to engaging with their customers. Solar products were hard to sell, and they needed something to help them establish a human connect. They also found that redundancy in conversation was frequent because their customers had to repeat themselves several times over call until they were rerouted to the person who could actually help them. This increased both call time and frustration, for both parties.

Using Cloud Telephony

Knowlarity Communications provides solutions that make it extremely easy to integrate one’s existing CRM software with their Cloud Telephony services. Knowlarity’s smart multi-level IVR system made it possible to cut down on half the time spent in an average customer call, and reduced the number of reroutes to practically nil. Loom Solar’s CRM software, Zoho, has seamlessly been integrated into Cloud Telephony solutions without any excess hardware. They firmly believe that a company’s human connect to their customers is an extremely important part of their external engagement, and redirecting to the right people and maximising the number of calls handled per day assists them in nurturing their customers better than ever.

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Cloud telephony integrates with all your devices easily

A Success Story

LoomSolar.com now also finds Knowlarity’s solutions to have significantly increased their operational efficiency. It helps them make every client’s experience more personalised and enter a deeper relationship with them over time. Their agents are also happier and are able to handle a larger call volume per day. Knowlarity’s services also make sure that no call is unattended. Loom Solar is a successful customer of Knowlarity’s services and said they were very likely to recommend the company’s Cloud Telephony services to another start-up.

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Harshita Srivastava
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