Myth or Reality – SaaS Companies Gaining Escape Velocity in India


Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! I hope it brings great opportunities, great achievements and a positive outlook in your lives. 

As 2019 ends and we start a new decade, I look back at the last 14 months that I’ve been a part of Knowlarity. I had started this journey with a lot of doubt –

I had never run a B2B Business before,

I had never worked in a product-based company,

I had never written a line of code,

I had never worked in a startup


I had never worked in a company where the average age was in the 20’s.

I had always worked in large organizations, leading B2C businesses…

 Looking back, I feel proud of the Knowlarity team. 

Some of the things which we were able to achieve are –

Making Unit Economics Work 

We are today in a nice sweet spot where our unit economics work for all segments of customers we address – Enterprise, Midmarket, SMB & International. 

Building Scale 

We have customers who use more than 2.5mn minutes per day with us! Another one, who uses 500k virtual numbers, one runs a 3000+ seat call centre with a Knowlarity predictive dialer and another who uses our AI-powered products on a global scale. 

All this has helped us achieve 50% revenue growth in H1 of this year and crossing 14mn ARR.

Customer First 

It is great when our customers stick with us. It reflects in our value churn of <1% per month.  

Transparency, Candidness Works

We have had our tough times during the year. However, being open and making only those, often tough, commitments which are always honoured, helped us to be a top choice of vendors and build an engaged team with monthly attrition of less than 1%


Identifying a few areas and doing them well delivers better results!

In the past year, my important learnings have been, 

Tough times are lonely 

The initial part of the journey was very tough, such phases are lonely with not much help around, one has to have perseverance & faith in oneself. 

A lot can be achieved with passion 

 It has been an amazing experience on what all can be achieved just by the passion of the team!

Never assume

Coming from a large organization, one gets used to assuming many things. Burnt my hands and learnt to get into micros of critical areas

Today we have made progress, but I feel the glass is half-filled, and it’s too early to declare victory.

Looking forward to the year 2020, our main goals will be to –

Build exciting new products for our customers,

To strengthen our Go To Market,


Nurture organization culture of Customer First, Innovation, Collaboration, Agility & Integrity. 


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