Reinvent your Business Operations with Emerging Technology

In our latest webinar, our esteemed speakers DP Siddharth, Vice President, Engineering, Knowlarity and Rajesh Murthy, Vice President, Engineering, Intellicus have shared insights on the important aspects of how to overcome the business challenges through cloud telephony and analytics like AI and ML.

The webinar covers mainly how the transition takes place by integrating the smart solutions and retrieving insights from analytics.

The outcome will be:

  • bridging the gaps of operational capacities
  • Address the challenges through collaborating tools
  • Automating business communication
  • Identifying & managing quality accounts
  • Boost team’s productivity
  • Actionable insights for strategic decisions
  • Data visualization & collaboration on a single platform
  • overall business growth and much more

Thus, the above outcome can be achieved by implementing a cloud-based solution with your existing CRM platform. Thus, businesses can reinvent the systems with a smart platform for higher and improved productivity of agents leading to unified & smooth customer experience. It also reduces the cost with communication services & data being stored in cloud, resulting in scaling of any business.

Our speakers have also shared the names of the solutions and the ways to reinvent by building a data platform.

Here are different way of automating business communication:

  • AI enabled ASR
  • Mass Outreach (Outbound Broadcast)
  • Click to Call & Lead Management
  • Virtual Number & Contact Number
  • Multi-level Automated IVR

Ways of building a data platform:

  • Identify the sources
  • Connect that source to your system through systematic layer
  • Collect & collate the data on OLAP/DW
  • Data Pipeline Automation
  • Analyze the data for BI & visualizations
  • Strategize the analyzed data for strategic actions

Hence, one can simply reinvent their existing business process through smart solutions and analytics for better and improved outcomes.

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