How toll free number can change the sacred games in your business

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What is a Toll-Free Number?

When a person calls on a toll-free number, they do not have to incur the charge of the call. The company who has issued the number bears its costs. These numbers vary from country to country.  These numbers begin with 1800 and have eleven digits. When adopting the service, you can decide the numbers you want after the mandatory 1800. These numbers are generally easy to remember. You do not need STD services to connect through these number. So, a toll-free number is a free number for the caller.

Seven ways how Toll-Free number with change your sacred business game

  • Generates leads

A free number will encourage more people to call and clear their queries. This will result in more incoming calls. An increase in calls will generate more leads and more customers. You can use it for marketing your business, as the number is free more people will be entertained to call and understand more. It will also propel your customers to stay with you if your customer care services are excellent.

  • Displays live analytics

As the proceedings are in the cloud, agents and managers can graphically see their performance and make wise plans for the future. It helps in increasing work potential by identifying possible areas of downfall and working on them. Managers can also keep a check on the work of employees, follow their progress and keep a watch on the amount of work delivered individually.

  • Routes call automatically

They are usually virtual numbers that are linked with multiple pre-assigned phone numbers. The caller will never get a busy tone in most situations. Businesses can easily handle a large number of calls through auto-routing by directing the call to an agent who is free and available.

  • Whitelists & Blacklists

It adds priority callers to the whitelist and spam caller to the blacklist. These features will boost the productivity of your agents as they will have more time to concentrate on more critical and complex issues. Blacklisting will help in increasing the bandwidth and work time.

  • Tracks everything: anytime, anywhere

Handling transactions are just a few clicks as all the processing and transferring of information is through the cloud. Mobile apps increased mobility and flexibility by a large margin. By tapping business from anywhere, the work location does not compromise on the ability to answer calls.

  • Stores information

The system records even the smallest transaction or conversion that takes place. The cloud is the quarry of information storage.  Information retrieval and storage is hassle-free with the cloud. Saving of new data is done quickly because of easy integration with CRM solutions. The information stored can be utilised efficiently to deliver reminders, bills, or for advertisement purposes.

  • Improves customer satisfaction

As the number is free, customers will be happier to call. It will instil a feeling of trust and credibility between the customer towards the company. Satisfied customers mean more happy customers.

Mobile penetration has reached a level that there is at least one phone in every household. Some memorable marketing campaigns have made people more and more aware of their surroundings too. Banners, newspaper advertisements, hoardings or websites with toll-free numbers will invite more crowd and thus boost business. We at Knowlarity have the best toll-free number service on the cloud, and you can check out what makes us so special by calling our toll-free number: 1800-419-0333. 

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