Speech to Text in The Contact Center: The Promise, The Reality, and The Future


Speech to text solution is one of the new channels that contact centers across the world are implementing. With the focus of transforming the customer service solution and boosting the ROI of the company by increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, technology is a game-changer. 

The speech analytics software has also proved to aid the call center agent retention. They are a crucial part of any company to ensure its success and create a loyal customer. It has been recorded that many customers leave service after having a bad experience with the agents of a call center.

For quality assurance (QA) and ensure to address the three challenges, i.e.

  • Auto scoring the agents’ interactions
  • Categorization of the interactions
  • Increasing the QA sample rate

Speech Analytics has Become Quite a Problem Solver

In recent years speech analytics software combined with artificial intelligence has become the axiom for the contact centers. The inclusion of big data into the technology of speech analytics with machine learning is helping to identify issues faced not only by the customers but also by agents. This process helps address them and find a way to solve the issues, thus giving a voice to both customers and the agents. 

Some of The Promises That Speech to Text Offer to Contact Centers are:

  • Identifying the trends: The software can offer immense benefits to both vendors and end-users. The solution helps identify the new trends and issues while quantifying them with minimal human intervention, thus reducing the errors. 

The solution also promises to identify keywords, phrases along with context and concepts to recognize the trends.

  • People Intelligence: The new brand of speech analytics is equipped to diagnose and understand emotional intelligence. A conversation between an agent and customer recorded and transcribed in real-time. Identifying and predicting human emotion and behavior helps with taking immediate action by the agent. This prevents the churning of customers and augments the client’s experience. 
  • Compliance: Contact centers use speech analytics to warrant that the agents adhere to the company policy while engaging in a conversation with the customers. It also helps in identifying any issues and train the agents accordingly by the supervisors. 

The speech to text analytics holds an immense promise of improving the contact center efficiency with the first call resolution. Reduce the handling time, thereby mitigating risks and increase the ROI. 

The Reality of Speech To Text in Contact Centers

The business that invests in speech analytics for their contact centers is building towards offering the best practices in the industry and reaping a significant benefit from it. 

  • High Coverage: The technology allows you to convert an extensive user base as the tool can convert multiple languages into texts of your preferred language. 
  • Speech Recognition: The software allows you to extract speech recognition in real-time and transcribe it immediately. The feature allows the agent to mitigate any unsavory situation with the client on-the-spot. 
  • Industry Specific Application: The software allows a business to customize the speech analytics. Specific words, phrases, terms, and standards can be programmed for auto-detection, thereby upholding the industry’s best practices.
  • Multi-channel: Speech to text technology is equipped to recognize and transcribe a conversation held by multiple participants. 
  • Noise robustness: Without any noise cancellation, the software can identify and convert audio to texts even with noisy backgrounds. 
  • Redacting the transcription: The software comes with content filtering; hence you can maintain confidentiality, personal information of the customers, and redact inappropriate words. 

The reality of the technology employed by contact centers is very lucrative and will help build the business.

The Future of Speech to Text Analytics 

There can be few challenges while deploying the speech analytics for a call center like:

  • Customizing and identifying speech patterns that are critical for your organization requires you to work closely with the vendor. Also, input from you and the existing customers’ records to assess and categorize the words and set the client agent interaction parameter. 
  • Customization of the scoring and analyzing criteria can be challenging at times. This is ascertained by the complexity of the scoring that the business wants to engage in, i.e., the root of the analysis, the coaching tips, and the other scoring matrix that you determine for your company’s evaluation. 
  • The efficient way of delivering the audio to text from the speech engine. If the speech analytics solution is offered on the cloud, it is easier for delivery; that is, the processing time is less. 

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