Toll free number helping households

toll free number

Home appliances are electrical or mechanical machines that help in household functions on an everyday basis. Many industries deal with home appliances. It can be maintenance, repair, retail and customer care. In all situations, there needs to be a perfect bond between the company and the customer. The company should be easily reachable and accessible for all the needs of the customer. Giving importance to every need will increase the customers’ trust. Toll free number plays a significant role in tightening the ties.


In the manufacturing sector, companies use toll free number as an open invite for retailers to know more and buy their products. Toll free numbers can help others reach faster to them. It will not only increase the number of buyers but also keep that number steady. It will also help customers directly connect with them and provide them with useful feedback.


Video advertisements, pamphlets, hoardings, websites, or apps these are the ways that assist in attracting customers. Even though these means provide them information, it is not wholesome enough to help them zero to a final decision.There is always a  longing to talk to someone who can lead you throughout your decision making process. Providing a toll free number generates leads successfully and increases the number of conversions.


Any wear and tear in a piece of equipment brings the requirement of a person with excellent expertise in that field into the picture. Support of a machine is also necessary. Toll free numbers can be provided to help customers fix appointments either to service their appliance or as an emergency helpline in case of any damage.

Subscribing to a toll free number from a cloud telephony service provider makes it very easy to store data. It tracks the incoming data and helps in formulating foolproof plans for the future. Live analytics dashboard helps the manager or agent always have a summary of all the information collected. It tells about performance and the latest trends too. The system functions the way have set it. You can mark your international and national presence with a toll free number.

The best part of acquiring the services from a cloud telephony company is that you can use it along with other cloud telephony features. IVR can aid in directing the calls to the best person who can answer their doubts. Usage of keyword spotting will help reduce human intervention. This will help increase the productivity of agents. If the toll free number is a virtual number as well, then every call will be addressed. The system will smartly route the call to an agent who is available. The entire procedure will foster the trust of the customers. These numbers can be made available all the time by efficient routing based on the time of the day or geographical location.

Knowlarity is known for its premier cloud telephony services. An agency can get a toll free number customised according to their needs too. Toll free numbers must be handy and easy to remember for the customers. Cloud telephony makes it convenient even for the agents who have to deal with many data too.

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