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knowlarity cloud telephony solutions

Automate Customer Communications and Gather Deep Insights

with AI-enabled Cloud Telephony Solutions

cloud telephony solution


Cloud Telephony Solutions for your Business

Work Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence enabled cloud telephony solutions for your business. Automate your customer communication with advanced speech recognition, anaytics and reporting.

Artificial Intelligence

Easily Integrate with any CRM solution

super receptionalist integration

Easily Integrate with any CRM Solution

  • Use transcripts and keywords to set custom rules in your CRM for better lead management.
  • Identify buyer trends and implement strategies working for your business with keyword spotting.

Customizable for all Industries

cloud telephony solutions for education

Automate communication, bring operations online and handle large volume of call inflow

Reach out to students and parents with important updates using our automated outbound solutions. Conduct surveys and collect important data with just a missed call, and bring your operations and student interaction online.

cloud telephony solutions for ecommerce

Ensure customer privacy, send customized payment reminders and delivery updates

Reach out to your customers using our automated outbond calling solutions. Verify phone numbers with just a missed call and reduce CoD cancellations and operational costs with interactive IVR and hosted call center solutions.

cloud telephony solutions for healthcare

Improve customer support and ensure timely communication

Ensure 24x7 assistance for your patients with our hosted call center solutions and send important notifications and updates with automated outbound solutions. Save customers' time by coupling IVR with ASR allowing them to reach the concerned person in half the time, especially during emergencies.

cloud telephony solutions for mass-media

Analyze marketing RoI and increase lead inflow

Collect customer data for your marketing campaigns with missed call solutions and handle large call volume with Smart IVR. Reach out to your customers with important updates with our automated outbound solutions.

cloud telephony solutions for real-estate

Track and record calls, automate personalized outbound communication and manage a large volume of inbound queries

Allow your customers to make instant and free calls to agents with our virtual number and click to call services. Automate seasonal promotion using automated outbound solutions and conduct market research with missed call solutions.

cloud telephony solutions for finance

Secure your transactions, track and record calls in one dashboarc, and ensure customer privacy with each call

Automate reminders, alerts and promotions with our automated outbound solutions. Connect with your customers with a click using our click-to-call services. Provide emergency solutions for ATM branches and allow HNI customers to connect with you easily.

cloud telephony solutions for Food & Beverages

Automate booking and delivery process, increase customer engagement and track a large volume of missed calls and follow ups

Track missed calls and follow-up calls, and record all calls in a singular dashboard with our hosted call center solution. Use Smart IVR to handle large call volumes and even take orders when coupled with Automated Speech Recognition. Allow customers to reach you with a click using click-to-call services.

Built for Enterprises


Record all Scattered Communication

Our mobile app for a distributed contact center ensures that all the business conversations happening remotely on your field agents’ personal mobile phone are tracked and recorded so you never miss a business lead.


Ensure Data Security

Knowlarity saves your customer data on the most secure platform available presently. Scale as required without having to worry about the maintenance.


24×7, 365 Days Support Available

Receive extended support anytime of the day and years for your clients.


Real-time Analytics Dashboards

Knowlarity’s cloud telephony solutions easily integrates with any CRM. Draw business insights with a customizable daily and periodic dashboard of call performance, spot trends and improve lead management.


Personalized Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience with custom greetings in regional languages. Personalized IVR feature directs a customer to the right menu option basis the caller history, thus reducing the call waiting time.


International Presence

Experience unprecedented reach sans infrastructure. Knowlarity’s virtual numbers can be used for international locations and help widen your customer base without setting up any office.

Trusted by over 15000+ organizations across 65 countries

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 INDIA 1800-1020-340
  •  INDIA 1800-1020-340
  •  SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
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  •  DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
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