How RedBus Created A Splendid Experience For Its Customers

RedBus is the country’s largest online bus ticket and hotel booking company and is part of the Ibibo Group. It provides bus tickets with zero booking charges, and customers get to choose from 1500+ bus operators and 80,000 routes across India. RedBus wanted a seamless way of connecting its agents and customers in the Singaporean and Malaysian markets. Knowlarity’s virtual number for inbound calls and Click-2-Call feature were perfect solutions to help enable this connect during the booking process, at zero cost. RedBus’ requirement was to provide a better experience to its prospective customers while they registered on the website and proceeded to book a ticket.

How RedBus used Click-2-Call

RedBus’ customers who wanted to connect with an agent for bookings could easily do so at zero cost by clicking on the Click-2-Call widget on the website. Upon clicking, the customer enters his phone number and clicks on the “Call” button. He then instantly receives a call from the agent. Once the call ends, RedBus receives the complete CDR (Call Data Record) data through its API.

How RedBus used Inbound Solution (Virtual Number)

RedBus required one virtual number each for Malaysia and Singapore for their website, mapped to original numbers. This solution gives calling access to their customers based on their need to book a seat. Here the customer will place a call on the virtual number and he/she will be connected to the agent. Both solutions are integrated with the company’s CRM, which helps maintain a centralized database. The customers are welcomed with a customized greeting.

Success Story

Knowlarity’s solution helped RedBus to make its service more accessible, anywhere and anytime. Its faster and better support has helped the company win customers goodwill and create a splendid experience for them.

Benefits of Virtual Ad Numbers: Track your marketing ROI and drive your sales. Analyse your call logs and details for future references. Integrate with CRM and make your process faster and easier. This solution made it easy for RedBus to expand its communication process globally.

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