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Track calls, improve customer support and get timely feedback from your customers.

digital healthcare


Lack of customer support, little or no quality feedback from customers, no way to track and record calls in multiple locations and on multiple devices

The one thing which everybody accesses today is the internet. While people nowadays access internet through their smartphones, the use of desktops is decreasing because people wish to have ongoing access of the digital feature they are using. In accordance with this scenario, every healthcare centre has introduced an app. However, the primal disadvantage is that it confuses the patient or customer on multiple levels. With no differentiating factor, the choice is not easy. So a call management system has to be deployed in order to engage clients and provide them with a better experience. client engagement includes:

  • Tracking of all calls
  • Easy Customer support system
  • Automated reminders and feedback system
  • Keeping clients’ records up to date
  • Clients’ privacy


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help digital healthcare

Toll Free Number and Click to call

A toll free number allows customers to reach a business for free. With click-to-call feature on the website, social media or even the app, a customer can click on the number and directly reach the lab for any doubts they have or updates they need, which would further result in services being available at the click of a button – literally.

Virtual Number, IVR and Insights

A major problem for a business is tracking discovery and analyzing campaigns. With a virtual number, you can track where your customers are coming in, and reach out to them whenever required on appropriate occasions, like wishing them on festivals or informing them that their reports are ready (Virtual Number + OBD).

A virtual number or toll free number coupled with an IVR can help you with directing the customers to the right caller, or sorting them based on their purpose. For example, they can press 1 for report status, press 2 to speak with an expert, etc. Even if its one person on the other line taking all the calls, it makes the lab look professional and helps them understand the purpose behind the call even before they pick up. Further, with insights, they can get full context on previous conversation with the caller and have all the details in one place!

Automated Speech recognition

ASR takes your IVR to the next level. In an emergency scenario, a person may not want to press 1,2, 3 and then wait while an agent connects with them. With ASR, all a person has to do is answer the IVR’s questions and the response would be recorded. Even in non-emergency scenarios, an ASR-enabled IVR is highly convenient and goes a long way in engaging your customers.

Automated Outbound Solutions

With our outbound calling and messaging solutions, you can now automate outreach to your customers directly via text. Certain applications include making announcements and giving regular updates – all of it with one platform. Outbound coupled with our text to speech solution can also allow you to send notifications via calls.

For an ever-increasing customer base with growing marketing efforts, outbound solutions allow you to maintain a personal relationship with your customers and go the extra mile.


You can now track all customer calls as they are provided with a virtual number. Virtual number enabled enhanced customer support,and helps engage your customers better and can convert visitors into customers. You can also keep an eye on feedback to continuously improve customer experience.

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