Reinvent Your Business Operations with Emerging Technology
Reinvent Your Business Operations with
Emerging Technology

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14th October 2020
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3pm to 4pm IST
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To be able to sustain in the longer run, improve efficiency and overcome unforeseen circumstances, businesses are embracing advanced technologies for digital transformation of business operations.

With new age communication platforms and advanced analytics solutions, businesses are able to identify gaps and optimize their operational capacities to a great extent. Several industrial verticals have leveraged these technologies to create a 360 degree view of customer engagement and redesign their business operations for better outcomes.

Join our webinar to know how you can utilize technologies like cloud telephony and analytics to re-invent your business operations and deliver enhanced customer experience through a customized smart platform.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How adopting smart analytics will transform your business operations
  • How next-gen technologies will transform your business and enable you to go mobile and be flexible
  • Rethink your business communication tool and key metrics
  • Live Q&A with Knowlarity & Intellicus tech experts



DP Siddharth
DP Siddharth
Vice President Engineering, Knowlarity
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DP Siddhart has held various leadership positions in tech-led companies like C-Dot, Vihaan Networks. At Knowlarity he has been responsible for scaling 60000 calls in a day to now handling over 10 million calls in a day while building agility and scalability in the fastest-growing market of cloud technology.

Rajesh Murthy
Rajesh Murthy
Vice President Engineering, Intellicus
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Rajesh Murthy is the founder architect of Intellicus. He oversees all aspects of product development, releases, sales and quality assurance. With over two decades of experience in BI technology, Rajesh spent most of the time in defining big data analytical architectures and driving the implementations for large enterprises.