Meet Our Team

Featuring some of the brightest minds at work

  • Ambarish Gupta
    Ambarish Gupta CEO,CTO, Co-Founder
    From IIT Kanpur to Carnegie Mellon University, there was no stopping him then and there’s no stopping now. Formerly with McKinsey and Co, he’s a melting pot of ideas harvested from the 7 countries he’s lived in.

  • Krishnan Kasturirangan
    Krishnan Kasturirangan COO
    From IIT Madras to Northwestern University to Mount Everest Base Camp, this guy’s graph is a pretty steep one. Did we mention McKinsey and Co?
  • Girija Gowda
    Girija Gowda Head, Sales (South)
    A taskmaster by day, a party animal by night, a philanthropist by choice and a leader by default, this Duster-driving woman wears many hats. An F1 enthusiast and a sales veteran of 17 years, she drives her wheels like she drives our sales: Fast.
  • DP Siddharth
    DP Siddharth Director, Platform
    An engineer from NIT, Allahabad, he’s an early achiever, the youngest in his position wherever he worked. As a winning athlete in his early days, he was a three-time district 100 m champion in school and has also enjoyed a stint in cricket.
  • Sandeep Upadhyay
    Sandeep Upadhyay Director - Infrastructure
    Sandeep sees himself as Jon Snow of The Game of Thrones, who likes to take challenges head on, lives on his own terms and delivers more than the expectation. He has an MBA from IIFT – Delhi, is a movie buff, a foodie but also health conscious and a sports enthusiast who has represented his college and school at TT, basketball and chess tournaments.
  • Anu Yadav
    Anu Yadav Head HR
    A Sufi music lover, bookworm, sports enthusiast and self-confessed tomboy, Anu likes to work hard and party harder, and is joie de vivre personified. She has worked at Wipro, Infosys and Flipkart, and believes that working with high-energy teams is the secret to staying young.
  • Vikas Kakkar
    Vikas Kakkar AVP & Head of International Business
    This engineer-turned-entrepreneur-turned-sales genie is literally a high-flyer who loves living out of a suitcase. A revenue-multiplier by day and a poetry writer by night, there’s more to Vikas than meets the eye. Don’t believe us? Wait till he picks up a guitar.
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