An Exhaustive Guide on Text-To-Speech Software with its Features and Benefits

Feb 12, 2022

The first objective of every company is to improve the user experience. Regardless of the costs or underlying technology, businesses aim to ensure seamless operation. Every part of the digital environment is built with a minimalist approach, whether it be a website, application, or online service. This trend of comfortability opens the door for text-to-speech assistive technologies. Nowadays, many businesses are looking for methods to save expenses while improving the customer experience. Text-to-Speech (TTS), which is the foundation of high-quality self-service apps, meets this requirement by lowering costs through increased automation and offering tailored client interactions. The Text-to-Speech software enables businesses to provide intelligent self-service and provide a better customer experience by producing high-quality natural voices.

What is Text-to-Speech Technology?

Text-to-Speech technology, abbreviated as TTS, is the process of converting text into vocal output. TTs was not always efficient, especially in the early development stages, but the arrival of deep learning altered everything. Presently, computers can link speech from numerous databases. This speech or sound is equivalent to natural sounds and responds to pitch, pronunciation, frequency, and more. Since text-to-speech assistive technology translates text and related speech limitations so well, businesses extensively use it to improve the user experience.

Text-to-speech software is frequently used in conjunction with optical character recognition (OCR). OCR is a technique that converts printed text to digital text by scanning it into a computer or mobile device. Portable OCR machines are also available in the market. These are known as reading pens, and they can scan and read the material back to you. The majority of digital gadgets have applications for reading digital books. TTS tools can then read aloud this machine-encoded text. It is worth noting that TTS is entirely computer-generated, making it suitable to be used with any electronic device capable of interacting, such as a computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Who Can Get the Benefits of Using TTS?

People with learning impairments who have trouble reading huge volumes of text due to dyslexia or other disorders benefit significantly from TTS, making online information more accessible for them. It can also be a highly valuable tool for those with vision impairment.

Those with literacy challenges or those learning a new language may sometimes feel frustrated while navigatating the internet due to the overwhelming amount of content. Even if they can read basic information, many people find it challenging to read smoothly in a second language. The TTS technology enables people to comprehend information in a way that helps them remember it.

TTS allows users to enjoy the experience and also gives them the option of consuming material on the go, moving the information away from the screen and into whichever environment is most suitable for them.

Key Benefits of Implementing Text-to-Speech in your Business

Text-to-Speech software has been available for a long time, but it wasn't considered a major commercial technology until recently. Tremendous advancements in recent years have broadened the technology's business uses. By implementing advanced automated Text-to-Speech software like Knowlarity in your business, you can gain significant benefits such as:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Natural and human-sounding voices increase the customer experience.

  • Consistent brand image: Using a single TTS voice across numerous interaction points may ensure a consistent brand image.

  • Facilitate employee work: It reduces the burden on call centre agents by vocalising dynamic material.

  • Better customer service: It improves the customer service and lowers the operating expenses by boosting automation.

  • Precise readability in various languages: With the aid of linguistic correctness, the text is read correctly.

  • Reading large texts effectively: It allows large texts to be read aloud in a fluent and smooth manner.

  • Multilingual Support: Multiple languages and TTS voices are available for multilingual support.

  • Speech and voice modulation: Depending on the type of product or service and the nature of the campaign, the speech and voice modulation can be customised.

  • Set reminders/alerts: Send automatic appointments, due dates, and event reminders.

  • Cost-effective: Flexible pricing alternatives that allow more openness in cost management.

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