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Speech Analytics

List Price (INR/15 sec)
Voice API Non-Premium (Logging Enabled)
Voice API Non-Premium
Voice API Premium (Logging Enabled)
Voice API Premium
Upto 0.4 Mn mins0.4 -1 Mn mins> 1 Mn mins
  • Voice API consists of endpoints for transcription, emotions, intent, questions
  • Prices mentioned above are exclusive of applicable taxes
  • Prices mentioned above are for 15 seconds
  • Prices mentioned above are for 1 channel of communication only
  • Each request is rounded up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds
  • Prices mentioned in each slab are for committed minimum usage per month
  • Each audio channel is billed separately. If you send requests with multiple channels, you will be billed according to the sum total length of audio processed from all channels
  • By opting in to data logging, you can allow the system to record audio data sent to Speech-to-Text. This data helps our system to improve the machine learning models used for speech transcription. Customers who opt in to data logging, benefit from lower Speech-to-Text pricing.
  • Premium models are special models for video and phone call transcriptions which provide better accuracy, available in English (US), English (UK), Russian and Spanish (US)
  • Above mentioned minutes are in millions

Text to Speech

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