What is a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

Ensure a seamless customer experience with minimal investment to streamline complex business communication on a robust Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution. With an easy to integrate cloud platform, gain deeper valuable insights into everyday customer conversations.

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Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Solution

Expand your customer reach with Cloud Contact Center Solution.

<a href="">Agent’s Performance Insights</a>

Agent’s Performance Insights

Track and record conversations between the agent and customer to gain deeper insights and analyze agents performance.

Easy to Set-up and Activate

Easy to Set-up and Activate

With a smart plug-n-play solution integrate your existing CRM software for easy access.

Be Omnipresent

Be Omnipresent

Forward all customer calls to agents mobile numbers, as well as landlines to manage business calls from anywhere.

Minimal Investment with No Capex

Minimal Investment with No Capex

A cost-effective solution that provides comprehensive call management capabilities without infrastructure requirement.

Enhance Caller Experience

Enhance Caller Experience

Optimize caller experience via personalized regional greetings, customized hold music, and skill-based agent routing.

Enhance Workforce Productivity

Enhance Workforce Productivity

Save bandwidth, resources and cost to drive quality customer engagement experiences with an advanced contact center solution.

Features of Cloud Contact Center Solution


Call Routing & Recording

Route calls to the available agents to reduce customer wait time and at the same time record inbound and outbound calls in real-time


Call Control

Queue the calls with mute, hold, and warm transfer, queue call back and voicemail features during customers’ wait time.


International Numbers

Get virtual numbers for multiple countries to optimize your business operations globally.


Concurrent Calls

Respond to an unlimited number of concurrent inbound and outbound calls maximizing the agent’s efficiency.


Sticky Agent Concept

Redirect your repeat callers to the agents they last spoke to offer a more personalized customer experience


Mobile App Access

Exercise greater control and visibility over business calls to optimize customer support by integrating the contact center on your smartphone with ease of access.

Cloud Contact Center Solution Use Cases

Contact center



Archit Srivastava

Archit Srivastava

Vikas Ranjan

Vikas Ranjan

Ria Pandit

Ria Pandit

Trusted by over 6000+ organizations across 65 countries

Today we are trusted by over 6000+ businesses across 65+ countries and is the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets serving across multiple industrial verticals. We have a globally recognized name with over 300+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence by enabling business communication through voice, video, AI and messaging through our smart platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are provided in the cloud call center or cloud contact centersolution?downArrow

The following features are provided as a part of the hosted cloud call center solution – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – A sophisticated IVR solution is provided to help callers navigate to the right agent who can find the right answer for their specific queries. Call Forwarding – Agents can seamlessly forward calls to an agent in another department. Call Transferring – Enable the seamless call transferring to an agent who is available. Call Conferencing – Cloud contact center solution enables multi-agent call conferencing for faster query resolution. Call Recording – Record all calls for quality checks and analysing agent performance. Skill-based Routing - Transfer incoming calls based on the skill of the agent to resolve queries expediently.

How can I use call center software solutions for better call routing?downArrow

Call center solutions facilitate direct routing to available agents, with real-time updates on wait-time and customized music. By leveraging robust cloud call center solutions, calls are always answered quickly and directed to the right agent with the right capabilities. This enhances the caller journey and increases customer satisfaction with the call-in experience, with better connectivity delivered.

What are the cases of contact center solutions?downArrow

Contact center solutions offer the following features - Track numbers and call details – Agents gain access to relevant caller details, such as name, phone number, and call duration. Fast call routing – Initiate a call route to the best available agent at the fastest time. Helps in saving space and cost– Organizations can launch a cloud contact center solution with minimal investment in infrastructure. Enhances customer experience – With real-time updates and efficient call-in from the agents the company can ensure better customer experience hence the loyalty.

What does the term IVR mean? How does it work?downArrow

IVR is the acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It is an automated technology for the phone system that facilitates incoming callers to get information via a pre-recorded voice response system. In IVR the caller does not need to speak to any agent. Rather by using the recorded menu option vial keypad selection or speech recognition the inbound call is routed to the concerned department or specialists. Since this is a cloud-based system it is available 24/7. In case of an outbound calling a text is converted to speech or pre-recorded message is sent to the many people and the caller is then required to provide or interact regarding the call by choosing an option. This is an IVR’s function for outbound calls.

How can I set up a small contact center to manage 200 calls daily?downArrow

majority of your telecalling operations can be managed by leveraging comprehensive contact center solutions. Through automation and minimal investment, SMBs, startups, and enterprises can drive greater call management efficiency and scale-up without worrying about downtime or investment. You can contact Knowlarity on our toll-free number (1800-419-0333) to access special offers designed exclusively for you.

What are the features of a cloud call center software?downArrow

The best contact center solutions offer the following key features – Customized professional messages to greet every caller Customized call transfer music library for smoother call experience Automatic routing and transferring Time saving through automation Cloud storage for all documents allows you to upload the customer files, agents’ details, and other call center data and documents on the cloud. With this feature the clients can easily send the files to the data server, which is maintained by the provider of the cloud service. These data can be accessed from anywhere by the person who has the required details to access it with a device that has the internet.

What is an inbound call center?downArrow

Inbound call centers manage incoming communication to an organization, in terms of calls, texts, emails, and live chat queries. A robust inbound contact center software is leveraged to handle the quantities of incoming calls, and to facilitate easy routing of all calls to the right agent. All questions can then easily be answered by the agent on-call, thereby resolving queries quickly.

What is an outbound call center?downArrow

Outbound call centers manage outgoing communication to potential customers and buyers. SMBs, start-ups, and enterprises engage with outbound call center firms to reach out to a targeted list of consumers, through calls, SMS, and emails. Based on the key objectives of the outreach campaign, the right outbound contact center solutions can be leveraged to gain more sales or receive customer feedback.

What are inbound and outbound call center service and features?downArrow

Inbound and outbound call center solutions focus on the following features – Inbound call center solutions focus on agent availability and effective call routing. They are designed to streamline the incoming call experience, through key solutions such as call whispering, barging, mobile apps, and CRM integration. Outbound calling has several features, chief among them being the dialler. There are three types - progressive, predictive and preview, which offer several advantages to organizations in terms of effectiveness. While inbound call center services ensure effective query resolution and brand building, outbound enhances outreach to new customers across portfolios.

What are the differences between IVR and OBD?downArrow

IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, while OBD stands for outbound calling. IVR helps users interact seamlessly with the call system using their dial-pad. Outbound (OBD) can be used to reach out to potential buyers with key campaign messages for a specific period. Brands can engage with clients and customers with greater interactivity when leveraging an IVR system.

What is cloud telephony?downArrow

Cloud telephony enables companies to store their entire warehouse of data on the cloud, for quicker access and ease of data control. Companies can access the information at any time, and leverage a range of advanced features such as virtual numbers, IVR, click-to call, missed call service, outbound calling, etc.

What is hosted IVR?downArrow

While an IVR is an interactive input-based communication system for greater customer engagement, a hosted IVR is a cloud-based solution. There is minimal infrastructure investment, and the entire process is managed seamlessly through the cloud.

What countries do you provide hosted call center solutions in?downArrow

We serve over 65 countries in the APAC region, with a major presence in India and the middle east (Dubai/UAE, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi)

How can I avail your contact center services outside of India?downArrow

Our dedicated team is available on the direct line number associated with your country. You can reach out to us here.