Discover India’s Growing IT Trends and Technology this Republic Day

Jan 25, 2016

In the anticipation of the President of France, Francois Hollande, India awaits its 67th Republic Day celebration. Soon after India got freedom, we made a new beginning. We chose democracy as the way forward. New institutions were created and nurtured. This Republic Day will see some major changes in the celebration.

The key highlights for the event include:

French contingent for the first time in the Indian history since 1950, will participate in the Republic Day parade of India together with the Indian armed forces.

Indian Army dogs are back after 26 years to participate in the Republic Day Parade 2016 at the Rajpath. Around 36 Indian Army dogs including 24 Labradors and 12 German Shepherds will take part in the parade. They have been practicing since last four months , promising to give us one hell of a performance.

For the first time in the Indian history after 66 years there will be no BSF camel contingent participation in the republic day parade 2016.

A lot has changed over the years. Compared to the old times India has gone by far and wide in terms of science and technology. Gone are the days when India was only referred to as the “Land Of The Farmers”. With its 67th Republic Day awaiting its celebration India has a lot to offer to the world now.

Talking about technology, what exactly is technology? Where are we in the world in terms of technology?

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. India is at a cusp of the technology revolution. There are no limits in innovation. Anything that we have developed or trying to develop could become much better and innovative. Innovation is an inexhaustible engine for economic development. We should keep on building the new, not just fighting the old.

Technology is continuing to evolve at a dazzling pace and changing the world around us significantly. There are four technology driven megatrends that are especially noteworthy – Big Data, Cloud, Social Networks and Mobile Devices. Indian companies are expanding their service offerings and developing new business models in response to the four technology mega trends. Most of the emphasis has been around Big Data and Cloud. Indian companies are beginning to leverage Cloud in particular to expand services to the “mid-market”. Many are moving data storage and computing of existing applications to the Cloud

Cloud is the new IT infrastructure for SMB’s. This means that more SMB’s will take a cloud-first approach to drive product, service and business innovation. Most small business stick with a public cloud approach due to limited internal IT resources medium businesses increasingly embrace a hybrid approach to mitigate privacy and security concerns. It’s time to reimagine work. A changing mix of resources, behavior, technologies, attitudes and requirements will lead more SMBs to seek better, easier and more affordable ways to access, evaluate, buy and get productive with technology solutions. SMB IT staff and channel partners evolve into cloud managers. As the cloud becomes mainstream, support needs to evolve from implementation and break fix support to more proactive and strategic management. Mobile, social, cloud, analytics, IoT and other technology advances are taking hold in SMBs. Demographic shifts are reshaping the makeup of SMB workers and expectations of what technology should do and how it should do it.

The technology revolution for the last 15 years has triggered a huge growth and a massive educated and technology focused workforce which is leading India to become one of the top economies of the world by 2020.

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