Four Advantages for Using the WhatsApp Business API

September 22, 2021

It’s often the simplest of things that often end up doing the most. In this simplistic view lies the answers to the question, “Why are businesses so interested in the WhatsApp Business API?” WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform that is used by many people to interact with their family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Ever since its advent, WhatsApp has seen an unsurmountable amount of interest from customers and investors. There have been many instant messaging platforms before and even after WhatsApp came into the picture, but its success story is like no other. Due to its huge popularity and rather simplistic features, WhatsApp slowly started being seen as just another channel businesses can use for customer engagement, and as a channel that was better than other channels in many respects. Hence, WhatsApp released the WhatsApp Business API.

In order to understand what makes WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business API so exciting as a channel for customer engagement, let’s understand the four advantages of using WhatsApp Business API-

Massive Popularity- The instant messaging platform has 2 billion users and this number is only increasing. Also, according to various consumer related studies by WhatsApp, it’s been found that The Facebook-owned mobile messaging service is particularly popular in mobile-first countries, boasting of more than 18 million app downloads during the first quarter of 2021 in India alone. With such promising figures, WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform and customer more often than not, would open a message received on WhatsApp than the regular text messages. Hence, if a business sends communication to a lead/customer, it can expect the customer to read the message.

Drive Engaging Conversations - WhatsApp is a rich messaging medium. It enables businesses to send messages. Links and PDFs, images, etc. Businesses can leverage the platform to have engrossing conversations with its leads/customers. A business can send out order details, receipts, links to surveys, images of products, etc. to engage with customers and facilitate the sales & support processes. There’s no other medium as rich as this, and this is one of the prime reasons why businesses have started finding WhatsApp as a great communication channel.

Automate Processes - Businesses can deploy a Chatbot on WhatsApp Business API to automate query resolution and sales processes. With a Chatbot in action, a business can make their lead generation even seamless and support less human intensive. A Chatbot would answer customer questions and in such a case customer support executive wouldn’t be needed. Customers would also get instantaneous replies to their grievances. So this would even boost customer satisfaction.

Facilitate Chat Commerce - E-Commerce has seen an unprecedented rise in the last few years. E-Commerce sites are now looking at ways to make their sales funnel even more seamless. E-Commerce companies are making product recommendations, sending payment links, abandoned cart messages to Customers on WhatsApp. It’s a new practice, however has massive potential. As a business number with a green tick( verified account), brands can help customers make purchases on WhatsApp.

These are only some of the business benefits of the WhatsApp Business API. Over time, a business can find other avenues with WhatsApp Business API and leverage it for powerful growth. In the end, good products and impeccable marketing can only get somewhere if your customer service is broken. With the WhatsApp Business API, a business can build long-term relationships with its customers.

How to get the WhatsApp Business API for business?

It makes utmost sense for businesses of every stature to invest in the WhatsApp Business API. Knowlarity is a Business Solution Provider of WhatsApp Business API. With WhatsApp as a channel for customer engagement, businesses can easily reach out to customers and leads for better ROI and operational efficiencies. It’s a channel that no business can ignore. It’s evergrowing and has had even payments integrated. Who knows one day a business could even help customers make purchases on WhatsApp.

To learn further, please contact our customer support team, available 24x7 to help you.

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