Top 5 features that make IVR Solution a must-have in 2022

Feb 17, 2022

You are likely to have used the IVR system when the customer support you called asked you to select a number on your phone keyboard related to your query.

IVR or Interactive Voice Response system is the telephony system through which customers and business employees interact with the computer through touch or voice. IVR interacts with customers without a human operator, saving time for both the caller and the agent. IVR is an efficient system that routes calls to the relevant agents. The right department and relevant agent get selected based on the choices made by the caller. Almost every call center has adopted IVR due to its various features, making call centers more efficient and satisfying customers.

If you are already using IVR, you might know its features. But if you are reading this article, the chances are that you want to use IVR for your company and want to know - is IVR good for your business or not. Let us explore the top features of IVR.

Features of Interactive Voice Response System:

Voice Recognition:

The Integration of Computer Telephony to IVR software has improved the flow of calls from customers. This, in turn, reduces the waiting time, improving customer satisfaction. IVR has evolved into an advanced form that makes the call for customers more enjoyable. With voice recognition, the IVR platform makes it easier for the caller to voice their query, removing the need for a keyboard for navigating menus.

Call Routing & Queuing:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are an inseparable part of call centers that make call centers more efficient and improve service quality. Even at the time of high volume conversations, an IVR system can help customers avoid waiting time to find answers. The IVR voice recognition helps in understanding the caller request, giving a response, forwarding relevant information to the agents, selecting the agent available on the screen, thus eliminating the need for manual inquiries.

Complex Call Handling:

IVR identifies the routine queries and calls of customers and redirects them to frequently asked questions. It allows callers to use IVR as a self-service, allowing the customer to access the information and get customer support as required through multiple channels. Customers can navigate various IVR options through mobile apps instead of traditional phone calls. It increases the capacity for self-service, therefore, minimizing the count of expensive calls that the call centers have to answer. Also, the automated outgoing IVR system connects users to the talking agents from the queue to reach customers at the scheduled time.

Dynamic Menu

IVR guides customers with the relevant and available agencies if a customer problem goes beyond the dynamic menu. The system retrieves the information that the caller wants and also relays them to the corresponding contact person. With the IVR system, the caller gets a solution to their query through uncomplicated interaction without talking to the live agent. The multi-level IVR menu that guides callers through different options allows callers to get directed to the correct department and agent, thus getting relevant information. IVR system forwards the calls of the callers to the qualified agents so that customers can get the answer to their queries. IVR has become the foundation for a new sales channel supporting telemarketing.

AI-driven Voice Response:

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system uses AI so that potential customers can interact through touch sounds and Dual-tone, multi-frequency keyboard (DTMF), which uses AI-based voice recognition software. Customers can access the basic information when agents are busy with other calls during regular business hours. For example, a brand may display different IVR numbers in TV commercials and billboards. IVR system can play different greeting messages for different menu options to greet customers calling through IVR Numbers displayed in TV commercials.


We hope you have a better understanding of what Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is and how it can be worthwhile to make your business call center more efficient. If you are satisfied with the IVR benefits, you might want to connect with companies offering IVR services in India. Knowlarity is one of them. You can consider Knowlarity for not only IVR but other services you might need, such as cloud telephony, AI-based speech recognition systems, video communication, and much more.

Written By:  Aliya


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