What is API in WhatsApp business, and How can I get WhatsApp Business API?

27 Apr, 2022

Are you a business looking out for a cloud-based solution? A lot of businesses agree that it is a better choice overall, especially after Covid hit our world. Almost every business is nowadays dependent on technology solutions to keep up with the customer's demands and their pace. It is important to keep businesses running even in such unprecedented times. various businesses have turned their back from manual operations to automatic systems as they offer more reliable and secure cloud business communication solutions.

No wonder cloud collaboration and communication solutions offer efficient processes. They enable the integration with the help of real-time communications. One such demanding cloud business solution these days is access to API in WhatsApp Business. It is one of the methods to connect with customers instantly or leave a reply to engage the customer with some details of getting back to them.

So, if you are a business out on their search to get WhatsApp Business API, this blog is for you. Get all the answers related to WhatsApp business API and its benefits. How to get WhatsApp Business API? Why deploy it to leverage profitable businesses? Get your answers here.

Get WhatsApp Business API for vivid business use cases

Here we have jotted a few use cases that will help you decide whether your requirement fits well with the WhatsApp Business account.

1. Call Center

A new way of 24x7 communication is Whatsapp chats. It will help your customer care get a good number of queries over the WhatsApp Chat platform. At the same time, reduce the call frequency.


With the verified WhatsApp business account, you can easily send notifications to your customers using the same number. Now, send financial updates, OTP, alerts & other details using the chat options. Usually, the frequency of delivery and open rates are also high in the WhatsApp business account.

3. E-Commerce

Similarly, it's a great communication platform for eCommerce industries. Now, you can make your customers well-informed about their orders, payment transactions, and delays instantly. It is very convenient to reach your customers.

4. Education

During the covid times, it has become the point of contact for teachers, parents and students to share and broadcast education-related details over WhatsApp. Student queries, class links, and even payment reminders are sent via WhatsApp.

5. Healthcare

The most crucial sector has also leveraged WhatApp's business potential to the fullest. Video call appointments, online consultations, patient medicines, and almost every kind of medical report were sent out using the WhatsApp chat platform.

But, what is this API in WhatsApp business and how to get WhatsApp business API must be your next questions? Right? Let us discuss them now.

What is API in WhatsApp business?

With an active customer base of over 2 billion, the API in the WhatsApp business is helping the company drive maximum engagement rates through their various sales channels. The support team is completely leveraged with API's messaging and scheduling feature in the WhatsApp business account. Approximately 1 billion users are actively participating in messaging for business communication daily. So, you can imagine its ongoing demand and the potential it can offer to businesses of any size to grow exponentially.

It is advised to get WhatsApp business API from an authorised partner such as Knowlarity. The WhatsApp Business solution provider can help you leverage its complete usability with a smooth installation and development for your enterprise.

Therefore, get ready to lower your daily expenses, save time, improve customer support, generate leads and offer a rich experience to your customers every day.

How can I get WhatsApp Business API?

For commencement, API in WhatsApp Business is not free. Hence, you have various notification-based pricing models where businesses ought to spend for sending API calls via Whatsaap business accounts for receiving/sending broadcasts, alerts or notifications.

Furthermore, developing a WhatsApp business API account may sound tricky as businesses need to learn all the messaging rules first. But, here, you can count on WhatsApp partners. You can easily get a WhatsApp API account through WhatsApp partners, and the application process varies from partner to partner. Additionally, WhatsApp business API provides advanced functionalities that include multi-user support, WhatsApp alerts and various notifications. Now, let's talk about how to get and apply for a WhatsApp Business API?

There are generally four steps that you need to follow.

  1. Buy a number or port any of the existing phone numbers. This number should be able to receive calls and messages. It must be active. Additionally, this particular number should not be in use by other WhatsApp API accounts.

  2. Go through the WhatsApp commerce policies and check the display names. WhatsApp always reviews applications and always ensures that all the details provided by the company are as per its commerce policy. Your display name must match your legal company name for a quick verification process.

  3. Complete verification processes of the Facebook business manager and the phone number. Also, accept permissions for messaging. Usually, it takes a few days. Also, understand that this verification is entirely different from Facebook page verification.

  4. Lastly, generate a WhatsApp business API key to connect with the enterprise business software.

So, these 4 steps are a bit tedious, and we strongly recommend getting a WhatsApp Business API partner such as Knowlarity. They can help you get access to API in WhatsApp business easily. Of course, the processing time will be the same as WhatsApp adheres strictly to its verification and policies, even with its partners.

Quick wrap up

Businesses get WhatsApp Business API for an improved customer engagement rate plus operational efficiency simultaneously. The API in WhatsApp business offers end to end encryption. That means all your data is secure while you perform end to end communication with your client or customer. It's a reliable cloud solution that almost everyone trusts. Start a free trial today with Knowlarity! Talk to our sales team now and get all queries answered.

Get WhatsApp business API from Knowlarity and enable your business productivity with their technology solutions. Book your free demo today! Visit our website to know more or call our toll-free number 1800-1020-340. You can also drop us an email at customersupport@knowlarity.com. We also serve in Dubai, UAE. Click here to know more.

Written By:  Aakanksha


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