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Click-to-Call to Make Phone Calls With a Single Click

Embed Cloud Calling widget into your website or mobile app and Start talking with your customers using click-to-call software

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How our click to call services help

Easy Integrations

Easy to integrate calling widget for your website


One click call from your favorite CRM software to drive outreach

Post Form Trigger

Easy to integrate calling widget for your website


Convert every visitor

An instant calling widget, strategically placed on your website to help you get in touch with leads while they're looking you up. With Click-To-Call Solution you can connect with leads, right away, to increase your conversion time. As soon a visitor submits his number we bridge a call between your agent and the visitor (Number registered in NDND are not dialed). These calls are free of cost to your potential customers.

  • Easy Installation
  • Configurable Availability
  • Record & log every call
  • Never miss a visitor
  • Integrate with website & apps


It’s super easy. It’s hassle free and it’s free.

Agent gets called first
Customer calls. Agent Picks up
Call patched. All set.


Optimize Productivity

Drive out of the box integrations with the most popular 3rd Party tools allowing all call information being pushed to these tools in real time. API's can trigger call from anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

A click to call is an icon or a A call button on the company website. It is a very easy way for the clients or the visitors to the website to get in touch with the company. They can do so with just a click on the icon. The company gets a notification and calls the client back when both the client and the company agent are free.

Having a click to call button on your website is an asset for the company. It is a very easy way for the clients or anyone visiting your company website to connect with your business - since all it takes is the click of a button. It also helps you increase efficiency in tracking leads and conversions.

Click to call service is equivalent to online free calls or voip free calling in India if the number published is a toll-free number. You just click the call button and you get connected with the agent without any hassle with click to call in India.

Yes, click-to-call works on mobile as well! You can consider it as a phone call software and get connected to the brand with the click of a button.

Yes, you can publish a toll-free number on your website with the click to call button, which will allow your customers to conduct an online free call in India!

We serve over 65 countries in the APAC region, with a major presence in India and the middle east (Dubai/UAE, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi).

All you need to do is get in touch with us at the dedicated number for your country, and we'll connect you to the right people! Be it India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi, we have dedicated teams to serve you. You can get in touch with us here

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