The Cloud Company employed Knowlarity’s Click to Call and Predictive Dialer Solutions for seamless connectivity with advanced automation.

Enabling cost-effective lead management with Knowlarity’s Click to Call & Predictive Dialer Solution

The Cloud Company employed Knowlarity’s Click to Call and Predictive Dialer Solutions for seamless connectivity with advanced automation.

The customer experience majorly impacts businesses in terms of both ROI and overall growth. This cloud company offers AI-driven customer experience platform and assists its clients by remotely managing their customer journeys as well as agent lifecycle.

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Absence of a smart dialing solution with advanced automation

The company offers its business clients an AI powered lead management solution while ensuring that the customer journey and agent life cycles are controlled remotely for smooth operations.

Apart from the integrated calling widget, the company required automation of outbound calling to assist their executives with multiple calls being triggered back to back by the system itself. The leads generated through outbound calling were needed to be managed and filtered out. All the involved processes were to be optimized for cost efficiency and effectiveness. Hence, the business wanted to amplify its customer engagement and offer automated lead management, made possible via Click to Call Solution alongside the predictive dialer solution.

Secure, Scalable and Robust cloud-based communication solution

To enable the business with magnified customer engagement through their web application, Click to Call Solution was integrated with their UI. This helped their customers connect with them instantly. Also, the business has been using the Click to Call Solution as a preview dialer. This equips them with automatically triggered back to back calls to the customers from the executives. The automated outbound calling has improved the agents’ productivity without affecting the costs. Employment of Click to Call Solution with advanced dialing ratio of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and so forth has enabled them to increase the probability of customer call pick up ratio. Also, the business is using Knowlarity’s predictive dialer for advanced automation of outbound calling. These cloud-based solutions have enabled the company to enhance their agents’ productivity without any extra CAPEX.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Optimized operational processes have helped the company achieve higher sales and enhanced ROI. Knowlarity’s Click to Call and Predictive DIaler Solutions along with Tentacle have empowered the business to boost its agents’ productivity

Use of multi-level IVR in the calling solution has amplified customer satisfaction as a result of instant query resolution, even without human interaction at times. This also leads to saving time and cost for the agents as they can now focus on more detailed queries of customers. The automation of calling processes has helped the company managers easily access real-time insights into call-recordings and reports for running metrics and analytics through the dashboard. These cloud-based, scalable and unified communication solutions have empowered the business with higher productivity and better quality control.

Milestones Achieved

Effective lead management
Real-time insights into customer interactions
Cost-efficient, automated calling
Enhanced agents’ productivity
Optimized operational efficiency