A Global Fast Food Chain uses Knowlarity’s Cloud Contact Center to Connect Order Delivery Executives with the Customers

Fast Food Chain use cloud contact center to connect delivery executive and customers

A Global Fast Food Chain uses Knowlarity’s Cloud Contact Center to Connect Order Delivery Executives with the Customers

A rapid change in the consumers' food ordering patterns compelled the fast-food chain industry to evolve into an advanced online delivery platform. The aim is to serve their customers a seamless & smooth order placing experience.

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Absence of a centralized communication platform

The Fast Food delivery industry was facing issues in connecting the customers to their order delivery executive with the Ordering Outlet on a single communication platform.

The traditional method of telecom-based calling made it difficult to handle customer privacy and flexibility to communicate on the way. Hence, the fast-food delivery restaurant witnessed difficulties in adhering to excellent customer focused service. Catering to higher demand with a traditional operating system with a poor connectivity ratio in place made it difficult to manage a distributed call center across pan India. There was no number masking, absence of analytics metrics tools, and no real-time tracking & monitoring of calls received/placed/missed across different outlets.

Scalable & Easy to Use Cloud Contact Center

Cloud-based voice solution enabled with number masking has helped to implement secure communication services between the delivery partner & the customers. A seamless customer support channel is now a part of their operating system.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Knowlarity solution has established privacy in the entire calling functionality

The restaurant chain now has a flexible & automated communication system powered by Knowlarity’s contact center solution. This has aided the fast-food delivery industry to manage their services across Pan India to offer seamless customer support services. The outcome of which is high operating mode with increased customer connectivity capability to the designated outlet/department for the relevant concern in a precise manner. It has also improved brand value & trustworthiness by securing the organization from any fraud to avoid legal liabilities.

Milestones Achieved

Real-time monitoring with live call tracking & recordings
Number masking safeguards customers privacy
Outlet & Call Center call performance tracking handled at a centralized level
Seamless & quick customer resolution with increased call connectivity
Analytics Dashboard for Deep Customer Insights