EduTech company is using Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution to enable instant, fruitful communication between the customers and executives.

A premier EduTech company uses Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution for enhanced customer engagement

India's largest EduTech company is using Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution to enable instant, fruitful communication between the customers and executives.

The C2C Solution ensures that call recordings offer the desired insight into the agents’ productivity. Also, Hierarchy Solution from Knowlarity is helping the company get hierarchy-level data insights in real-time.

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Absence of a coherent communication solution with a tracking system in place for monitoring agents’ performance

The Indian multinational EduTech company was facing challenges with their communication channels during the COVID times due to frequent downtime and other technical issues.

Also, they were lacking a monitoring system that could help the managers access their agents’ call recordings. The managers were unable to provide their agents with the correct feedback. The company required a solution that could allow managers, at different hierarchical levels, access to the performance of their executives in accordance. Hence, the absence of a holistic Click to Call Solution was being majorly felt in various aspects of customer engagement.

Enabling smart business communication with comprehensive and agile solutions

The company’s sales team has been using Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution amongst different study verticals of UPSC, JEE, senior secondary, and classes between 3rd to 10th. The direct calling widget incorporated into their web and mobile applications has enhanced the CX manifold. The interested customers can get in touch with the company’s sales team instantly, resulting in quality leads and higher conversion rates. Click to Call solution has features that allow the managers to get real-time data insights into the customer interactions with their executives. All the customer interactions are now recorded and are easily accessible. The active analytics dashboard has equipped the managers with data required for informed decision-making. Training can now be planned in accordance with the agents’ performance yielding far better results for the company. The company has also got the hierarchical solution integrated into their communication platform which allows their managers to get hierarchy level data insights. This helps them monitor the performances of their executives in real-time without getting an overload of non-consequential data. Knowlarity’s robust and redundant virtual setup has allowed the business to reduce its dependency on a single operator or circle making its communication way more efficient.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

The company is now equipped with a faster, easier and scalable Click to Call solution which is currently being used amongst four of their verticals. It has helped them boost their customer engagement.

An effective tracking system is in place which allows the managers to access their agents’ performance in real-time. The call recordings are available for the managers’ perusal such that knowledgeable decisions can be made when it comes to the agents’ training requirements. This has helped the company enhance its customers’ journey with a holistic approach. Even during & post the pandemic times, the managers have been able to keenly observe and monitor their agents’ performance remotely, and handle sensitive calls by barging or guiding the agents using ‘whisper mode. The cloud-based solutions offered by Knowlarity empowered the managers to gauge the productivity of their agents resulting in higher ROI for the company.

Milestones Achieved

Enhanced customer engagement
Better quality of leads and higher conversion rates
Agent productivity has increased by 10%
Better connectivity with 99.99% Uptime