India’s leading provider of direct broadcast satellite service along with OTT platforms aims to offer its customers a holistic experience through Knowlarity's Click to Call Solution

A leading content distribution platform in India integrates Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution for seamless connectivity

India’s leading provider of direct broadcast satellite service along with OTT platforms aims to offer its customers a holistic experience through Knowlarity's Click to Call Solution

Apart from offering a wide range of entertainment services, the company has focussed on effective customer service. Hence, they needed a cloud-based communication solution integrated into existing, in-house CRM.

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Need for an Integrated Communication Solution for effective and secure customer engagement

The premier service provider of Paid TV as well as OTT services had been facing issues with their business communication channels. It was imperative that the business had a seamless connectivity through cloud-based communication channels

Apart from the Click to Call Solution, which could provide the company with smooth connectivity, there was a major concern about the privacy of its customers as well as executives. The traditional method of calling lacked the technology which could keep the privacy of the customers and agents secured from each other. Number Masking was the need of the hour as the company wanted to offer efficient customer focussed services.

Robust Click to Call and Number Masking Solution integrated into the business CRM

Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution was integrated into the in-house CRM of the company effortlessly. It equipped the company with consistent customer connectivity as the C2C calling widget was directly accessible on the web and mobile applications. This ensured that customers could connect with the company instantly. While placing an outbound call, the agent’s call was connected with the customer via Knowlarity’s server, while the company’s API was consumed in patching these calls. After the completion of the call, the call log is pushed into Log push API such that the managers can monitor as required. For ease of tracking and monitoring, Knowlarity has provided the company with a custom-built dashboard over wavemaker. The managers have benefited from these call analytics greatly as the agents’ performance and customer interactions are easily monitored. The real-time insights have helped the business make informed decisions regarding the training of their agents for improved performance. The company has gained hugely from these call analytics and is now planning on integrating these solutions into their CRM via SSO functionality. Daily call reports are now accessible to the business managers to keep them updated with the daily call activity and volume. Number Masking has further enhanced its customer engagement in a secure way as privacy is maintained in both inbound and outbound calling. This has further empowered the image of the company as a customer-friendly business.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Knowlarity’s Click to Call and Number Masking Solution has helped the business scale further in the market. The solutions have been easily integrated into the business CRM for enhanced connectivity with the customers pan India.

The call analytics dashboard offers the managers real-time insight into their agents’ performance. Relevant decisions can be made by accessing the call records available on the daily basis. The agents’ performance has received a boost as there is continuous monitoring of the calls possible. With more than 99% Uptime, there is smooth connectivity between the customers and the agents through the business CRM. Number Masking has ensured that customer privacy remains unhampered throughout their interactions with the business. These features have enabled the business to provide their customers with professional and effective support.

Milestones Achieved

Seamless connectivity
Secured privacy with Number Masking
Real-time monitoring with live call tracking
Daily call reporting is accessible
More than 99% Uptime
Analytics Dashboard for deep customer insights